Ma first poem...! :)

long long ago... so long ago...
i.e. when i was n 9th std...
i had to submit a leave letter... usually my mom'd only write it but unfortunately,
she was not feelin wel enough to write...! :(

Then i started writin and the words were goin fine to some xtent.
But, i don't remember y i wrote severe as seviour...

O my god...! tat was the only mistake i did...
but my English teacher (unfortunately my class teacher too..!) kept on scolding me for weeks from then...!

Till then, i was not really good n English...
but i think, this incident made me a poet...!

yeah... i wrote a poem!!! when i was n 10th std...
here it is...! :)


Learn... Learn... Learn...!

I looked upon the sky,
And wanted to go there and fly.
I thought of going there by a rocket
But there was no money in my pocket..!

And then i looked at a star,
And wanted to driver there my car.
A car needs fuel,
It needs money dual..!

At last i came home with worries
There were not even some berries
Because i didn't earn,
As I didn't learn...

And then I started to read,
Intelligence started to breed.
I went on learning for years.
There was some interest for my ears..!

As I did some learning,
I started for my earning.
I read with perfection,
I learnt to give love and affection.

Hey listen... Don't even think of stealing this...!

All rights reserved.
Any reproduction, copying, or
distribution in any medium is strictly prohibited...! :)


bioinforockerz said…
hey raghavan, ur first poem has come out wel......its cute n in many more cute poems like dis, soon.....

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