just abt me... :)

wel... let me start bloggin for the 8th time...!
its worth to note that i've failed n writin my thoughts n the previous 7 attempts!
so... i wish atleast this attempt wont let me down...! :)

this is jus somethin lik "I-Me-Myself"...
Wait..! Its not an autobiography r somethin of that sort...
Just a few lines that i'd lik to scribble online...! :)

The prologue jus got over!
U'd've got a clear idea of which sort of jokes i crak... (if at all u think that it was a joke...!)
Some of ma frenz call it "mokkai" n some call it a "p.j"(poor joke!)

K i was born n tanjore and i was in pondicherry for 9 yrs (4 1/2 std)
and i continued my studies n a christian skul til 5th.
Then i joined an AGMARK Brahmin school where people get to learn aaaaalllll the traditions, but hardly follow them! :)
But thanx for the school for givin me an oppurtunity to learn Veda, which cant be done by everyone..! And to tel the truth, i'm very orthodox (one of the rare-seen, nowadays...!)

Fine... comin bak 2 the school days...
I never studied til my 9th std...! I dont even remember wat i was doin from 6th to 9th.
And u must listen to my schedule throughout the year:
I'd wake up by 4 n the mornin... (I had to...!)

4.30 a.m to 7 a.m - Veda class
9 a.m to 4 p.m - regular school
4 p.m to 7 p.m - Veda Class
8 p.m to 9 p.m - again Veda Class!

So... u can very wel imagine that i hardly found time to enjoy...
I'd go home jus for eatin & sleepin...
also i was provided wit free food n some days i'd stay n the school n the nite, so that i can attend the veda class next mornin!
K when i entered ma 10th std., people freaked me sayin "10th std will decide ur life...!"
i was xtremely puzzled abt wat i'd be down the line...!
but i didn study wel... thats different... but still..!

fine... 10th std got over gettin me a decent 80.6 %, but that didn convince my dad.
i was wishin to go for commerce, nut he pu(shed)t me in science.
Out Of Compulsion, i had to do that...!

Only in 11th, i came to kno that i was literally zero in the basics of science.
But, that was too late...! :(
And in 12th, i'd start cryin before each n every chemistry exam...!
Somehow 12th also got over wit an awkward 81.9 % and my dad was entirely upset. But, i was only a little worried...

And yet another compulsion... B.TECH!!! tat too in SASTRA!!! :( :( :(
and the most unkindest of all was to take Bio-Engineering!!!

Back to tanjore...
I tel u, i was somewhere in the -ve side n biology (that was the subject i most hated n school)
And somehow i got into Bioinformatics!
My only asset is that i'm somewat good n programming...
And i've been survivin only wit that...

To hav a few words abt me:
* orthodox
* mokkais & p.j's...

I hope that these 2 words describe enough abt me...
And i'm interested a lot n mythology...!
Especially, Indian Mythology...!
i can keep on talkin abt them u kno...
so, better let me not start it...!
And i hav my best freind interested in it... Siddharth Tiwari... Even he's a lot interesting...!
(K it goes out of the "I-Me-Myself" concept... But i'm sure i'l make a post abt him...! :) .....)

Phew.....! Somehow i've done my debut n bloggin...!

So... That's it 4 now...!
C ya later...
Tata...! Tak care...! :)


bioinforockerz said…
i can c dat u hav strugled alot to come up.....bt dont u worry....u r with da grt gang of bioinforockers n ul rock forever.....

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