the accidental poet...

i was abt to get into a bus to go home &
there was an unexpected rain...
was so frustrated over the rain as the whole town
gets worse abt its roads!

somehow i managed to get into a bus, with others' slippers
painting my pants with the brownish wet soil...

fine. stil more frustrating!

wit my right arm holding a rod for balance and my left arm in my pocket,
i could do nothing other than making my idle brain do some idle thoughts...
and that was frustrating, too!

a lot of topics started popuring in.
as usual my favourite mythology & even the ones i hate-like chemistry.

i never thought 'poetry' could come in!
i got some poetic thoughts which i never expected.
though it was a new entry, it jus helped me kill the time taken to reach the bus stand.

the most unexpected part was that, the poetry i was thinking of, was in தமிழ்(tamil)

a poem i thought of, and then refined on reaching home:

எதிர்பாராது வந்த மழையின்போது,
எதிர்பாராது வந்த தொலைபேசி அழைப்பு...

அழைப்பை ஏற்றதும் ஒலித்ததோ
அவளது குரல்...!

ஓரிரு வார்த்தைகளிலேயே நான் உணர்ந்தது
அவள் உணர்ந்த வெட்கத்தை மட்டுமல்ல,
அவள் என்னை ஏற்றதும் தான்...!

குளிர்ந்தது மண் மட்டுமல்ல,
என் மனதும் தான்...! :)

looking fwd to do some more poetic works in the near future...! :)

and... those who don't know tamil, can personally contact me for the explanation! :)


proteomics said…
its very nice :)keep posting such good poems

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