Mr. Valluvar

my 2nd poem bcoz of a bus.
but this time i got a seat ( to think comfortably! :) )
having got a seat in a bus from n.b.s to o.b.s ( new & old bus stand ), just a 5-minute travel
i saw a திருக்குறள் (thirukkural) written in the bus.
so i jus thought "i'l also write one..." & started thinking...
i didnt even think i'd come up with a 'kural' so soon...
before even i reached o.b.s...!

so here's my 'kural':

அறிவார் சபையில் தானும் இருக்க
அமைதி காத்தல் அறிவு.

It means:

In a hall of well-learned people, if u r also present,
keeping mum is the best thing to be done.

atlast i've become Mr. Valluvar...! :)


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