2 months bak, during our sem exams, i was staying at my friends' place...

drug design & discovery - the worst paper v had last sem...

the night before the exam...
me, sid, pranav n sriram were just startin for dinner n a motel (kaiyendhi bhavan)
for i'd've considered abt goin der at least a 1000 times...!
all bcoz it'd serve egg n stuff...!

Fine, comin to the matter, we were startin...
the 3 other than me got out of the house n were waiting...
I, as usual, was late to start n when i had just come out and
as i was putting on my slippers holding my hand on the gap btwn the door n its frame,
sid closed the door...!
BANG...! my vision went dark for a moment...!
such a pain it was...!

the ring finger of my right hand had a reddish black at the root of its nail, due to the blood clot...
i was worried of the forthcoming pain (drug design) instead of the existin pain n my finger...
even if i'm given the q.paper, there's little probability tat i'd pass...!
and wit this damn finger, how can i ...? :)

Sid started pacifying me "sorry sorry" n all... there was no reason for a sorry...!
it was an accident...
and the worst part is that i was afraid if i could at least eat for that night !! :)
the pain kept increasin as time passed by n during the exam,
the drug design's pain took over the existing one !! :)

After the exam, i was jus somewat confident tat i'd pass tat stupid subject...!

Ok, day before yesterday, the decayed nail came off n i can now see my true finger...! :)
maybe i'l get a nail n a month or so... i dono...

but the bottom-line is:
I'm not nailed anymore...!
At least on a finger...! :)

Thank u sid...! :)


siddharth said…
I had apologized back then and I am doing so again. Guess what I have become more cautious while closing doors :)
vrraghy said…
ha ha...! :)
but, again, there's no need for any apologies, i'm tellin u...! :)

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