tell me !!!

his gf is upset with him n he cant tolerate it this time...
he goes to her n speaks out...
he needs a concrete answer... :)
he speaks thus:
tell me what wrong did i do,
or at least how u came to know...

tell me where i went wrong,

or at least if in front of u

tell me one moment when i betrayed u
or if i let u know...

tell me one point i didn't listen to u,

at least when u were still lookin at me...

tell me when did i leave u alone,

or u came to know that i made u wait...?

tell me if u didn't like just even character of mine
so that i can also tell yours

tell me if i ever thought of some other gal,

or is it bcoz she was looking better...?


tell me if u don't like me.

so that i can start looking...!!! :)
i started writing something sad (as usual), but just felt like
changing it a bit... :)

hope i get positive comments this time :)


vrraghy said…
@gowri: very positive...! "thanx a lot" :)

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