EkaAvatar: AVATAR - An Indian Perspective

Well, most of us'd've watched the movie AVATAR by now :)
If not, plz do watch it...!

We would like the movie for sure... Of course, its the spl fx that makes it awesome...
But there's another factor behind the movie's script...
The i-factor or the Indian factor...

The movie has a lot of things, making me wonder if James Cameron is actually an Indian...!
While Cameron himself has stated that Avatar has a subconscious Indian connection,
there are lots of other interesting things as well...! :)

The very word AVATAR, which means re-incarnation here in this movie tells us that an external soul can get into a body to save the people, just like the ones in our myths.

The reason for the Navi's blue color is hidden in the fact that Krishna & Rama were bluish, it seems... Well, this point may feel like im Indianizing or something like that...

Once the Navi's accept Jake Sully into them, they apply a white paint kinda thing on his body (similar to the sacred thread), we hear:
"The Navi's are said to be twice born" - Dhvija in Sanskrit...!
Meaning: twice born. This word refers to the Brahmins.

And when a Navi dies, we hear about salvation:
"Your soul reaches Eywa. Only your body remains here"
This is again a very well described topic in our ancient literary works (Vedas, Upanishads, etc.)

And the one about energy:
This entire world is inter-connected by energy and that energy flows from one entity to the other. => Bhagvad Gita...!
Nothing is certain for anyone. Things keep movin from someone to somebody else.

Although the concept of mass prayer does not appear in ancient practices, it was later introduced in our country by spiritual readers (this is present in Christianity as well)

And yeah, Jake Sully getting into the Navi body at the end:
para-kaaya-pravesham : literally meaning, entering another body. (a technique described in our myths...!)

Also Jake Sully in the Navi body flying on a bird:
similar to Vishnu on Garuda and other gods on their respective birds :)

And the tree which the Navis believe that protects them all and blesses them with their needs:
The supremely spiritual tree : Karpaka Vriksha.

Well, thats all I could interpret...! Readers' views are welcome... :)


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