sin & cos

I've been experiencing sinusoidal hope for the past few days...

y sinusiodal...?
well, i had no hope at the beginning... ( sin(0)=0 )
(dont ask me abt -ve's as im optimistic ;) )

but as time passed by, it increased n when i reached 1, it started diminishing :(
this keeps me moving... not just moving, but moving in a disturbed form :(

but there'd've been no difference even if the hope was cos-usoidal :)
though it starts with 1, (cos(0) = 1) its stil wavery...! :)

anyways, as i know myself, i'm not the same always...
my mind is waving jus like my brain :)

after all, thoughts are just electromagnetic waves... :)


bharadwaaj said…
define the parameters of x and y co-ordinates.... see you tell you are an optimist and you don't think at the negative side of the axis.. ok in this case x axis... so amount of optimism is in x... wats in y...?
vrraghy said…
after more than 1.5 yrs, i now have a little regret for making this post :P

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