Longing for long...!

Long time since a word.
Long time since a look.

As sharp as a sword.
As full as a book.

Long time since a chat.
Long time since a smile.

As weird as a bat.
As long as a mile.

Long time since a touch.
Long time since a slap.

As I long for a kiss.
As light as a flap.

Long time since a thought.
Long time since a feel.

As water in a pot.
As I undergo a peel.

Out of the blue,
With a no different hue,

I hear a word,
With a long-back-heard sound.

A sound that said, "give".
My eyes began to live.

And then it said, "me".
I realized the real me.

Went on to say the word, "some".
Felt her heart telling me, "come".

Finally ended with "water".
But that too a little shorter...! :(

The moment the words were over,
My heart was about to hover.

Suddenly back to reality,
From a sense of immortality.

Held her the bottle,
With a little throttle.

Loved to see her getting the water,
Of course! not just for the water.

Loved to see water on her chin,
In addition to drinking me in.

The most beautiful image moved,
Having someone's heart moved.

The heart I was supposed to possess,
But was hard to assess.

As I kept longing,
Her phone started ringing.

Her voice sounded singing,
To which my heart was clinging.

Her voice faded off the density
So was my little living entity.

To fade off, being her goal,
Pity! My poor soul...! :(


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