Did u ask me why I was crying...?
You'd rather go with your friends talking about me...

Did u wish me on my birthday...?

But I'm sure you'd've hesitated a million times to dial my no.

Have you ever replied me when I asked you, "whats the problem...?"

But you never fail to repent for not having replied...!

Have you ever cried to me when you felt like...?

You'd rather criticize me for not asking you, "what's wrong?"

Have you ever asked me a favor...?

Instead you'd be worried if its done by me...!

Would you even specify in your will that i should not attend your funeral...?

Nothing to be surprised if you actually do...! :(

Are you listening to me right now...?

Don't act as if u are not...!

Well... Are you in your pursuit of a so called "boyfriend"...?

If yes, be aware that someone is in a pursuit of a getting word from you...!!

Why the hell did u slap me...?

Because I'm loud enough for others to hear the truth...?

Go ahead...
I'd be happy even if you scold me right now...! :(


Couldn't you take 2 more steps to reach me...?

You'd rather stay in your place and find it a fault...!

Did you at least come to me n make a smile on your birthday...?

You've got more important people to celebrate it with...!

Couldn't you wait for 1 more min when i was about to lean on your shoulders...?

You've always been in a hurry to catch up wit your friends...!

Have u EVER asked me, "whats wrong...?"

I'm not sure if you were even aware that I wasn't alright...! :(

How can you expect me to ask u everything...?

Don't you know that I just don't wanna trouble you...!

Why would a woman write in her will that the man she loves the most,

should not attend her funeral...?

And, why the hell should I search for a boyfriend, you idiot...?

That too when already having you...? :)


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