Dear girlfriend,

This is your 3rd boyfriend writing this from hell. So you can now be sure that hell does exist & you can even tell your people if you wish. And I hope you’d’ve got ur 4th one by now… :)
Well, honey, I thought I’d miss you when I was dying. But I don’t. Wondering why…?
I get almost the same experiences here:
Getting beaten up, being roasted for mistakes, getting my heart broken, etc.
The only difference is:
over there with you, it was all internal (mental), but here is external (physical).
But the pain is all same…! :P
And I’m provided quality food over here: properly roasted & toasted limbs, skins, bones, etc. :)
I tell you… You people should really try these… These are far better than the food you have…!
And I’m sure you’d be amazed at the way I’m respected here…! There are several  grades given to people based on the types of sins & I’ve soon become one of the influential persons here in the “love” category. Since they know that I’ve got a good amount of experience, I’m given importance more than you ever have given me…! :)

And the environment here would be the most disgusting for new-comers, but in due course of time, they’d realize the standards of maintenance and administration which surpasses the quality of administrations out there. Quality standards like 7-Skulls and 8-Skins are strictly adhered to… The punishments for violating these norms would be more than what you’d’ve ever imagined…! (lemme not describe it. if i do, u’l puke straight on this letter). Well, if these standards are maintained with good outcomes, we are given better food and accommodation…! :)

And I’m gonna tell u an interesting thing abt hell (if at all ur dumb brain finds it interestin)…

Hey…. Gotta go now…! Wil ,ail u later… Tata… :)


Shrinivas said…
ha ha... what the hell???!! bloody hell!!! nice post raghy!! :)
vrraghy said…
thanq...! :)
btw, sory for approvin the post this late... :)
gowri sankar said…
hey good post.. u have written like u mean it.!! :P
vrraghy said…
@gowri: thanq...! :) and nowadays the trend is "move on...!" thatsy wrote this...! :)

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