A "true: Indian Marriage...!


Well, Chennai has always been alive (i mean, “lively”). This season (season-2) is no exception.
Yeah, Season-2. Our thalaivar Superstar Rajnikanth’s younger daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth wedded Ashwin an industrialist on 3rd September at the Rani Meyammai Hall, Chennai.
The event witnessed not just celebrities but also a fusion of cultures of God(s)’s own country, INDIA…! :)
Yes. The marriage had rituals, customs, costumes, cuisines and colors of Marathi and Tamil Brahmin (both Iyer & Iyengar) cultures.
There were priests, atheists, artists, artistes, heroes, heroines, politicians, policy makers, et cetera, et cetera…!

The hall was packed as early as 7.30 a.m. on Friday.

The priest anchoring the rituals in Tamil Brahmin tradition announced that the newly-weds were being blessed with verses in all four Vedas.

The bride Soundarya, who was first dressed in a green silk sari later changed into a red nine-yard sari. Her temple jewelry seemed to blend well with the ethnic ambience at the hall. For the evening, she wore a specially-designed sari in golden beige.
The tall, cute-n-smart groom Ashwin was sporting the yellow dhothi (worn only by the groom)
The women in the bride’s family were all dressed in Iyengar tradition with their madisar saris (a complicated method of wearing a regular sari, but looks stunning) crossed to their left and a little vertical red-color line as their vermilion, called “sreechoornam. (Belonging to and having brought up in this tradition, I think I know something more than the other guys of this generation ;) )
The men in the bride’s family, which includes our beloved Superstar were spotted wearing the Marathi headgear “peta”, saffron in color. Superstar’s elder son-in-law Dhanush was also seen sporting the same. So were other great men like Y.G.Mahendra.
On the other side, the men in the groom’s family were seen in “pancha kachcham” in milky white dhotis, while the women were busy looking pretty in Iyer tradition their madisars, but right-crossed and the cute little vermilions between their eyebrows.

In the morning, the guests included the actor's mentor director K. Balachander, Kamal Haasan, director Mani Ratnam, actors Suhasini, poet Vairamuthu, R.M.Veerappan, former Minister, MDMK general-secretary Vaiko and Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, with his wife Dayalu Ammal, Union Minister A. Raja and State Minister Durai Murugan and T.R. Baalu, former Minister, came around 7.30 p.m. in the evening. Though the Chief Minister spent less than 5 minutes on the dais, he was looking happy sharing his joy with the family. Soon after, the entry of the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu, made heads turn. Actors Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sridevi and Union Minister M.K. Alagiri attended the reception held on Thursday.

The stage décor, by D.C. Sekar, went with the theme of the wedding — in the colors pink, green and gold. While the stage had a mandapam in muted gold in the morning, with rows of white flowers, the evening's was a combination of a contemporary and antique look.

There was a lot of buzz in the dining area. Veteran caterer Arusuvai Natarajan, who was supervising, said: “Rajnikanth's family was
particular that we stick to the traditional meal on the leaf and avoid the buffet. There are about 26 items on the reception menu, with traditional Karnataka dishes such as bisi bele bhath and Mysore rasam since he [Rajnikanth] is from there.”

Whatever…! My fav. moment was Kamal Haasan gracing the occasion with his presence, charm and blessings (and of course Ms. Goutami) :)
When he encountered the media, all he said was:
”வீட்டு கல்யாணத்துக்கு வந்து உங்க கிட்ட என்ன பேசப் போறேன்...? (What am I going to talk in my family’s marriage…?) I’m here for my friend… :)” (—the smiley wasn’t mine, it was Kamal Haasan’s “:)” –this’s mine.)
Thanks to the media, especially NDTV Hindu for making this grand extravaganza visible to public…! Fans and well-wishers from all over the world blessed the couple and prayed for their well-being… And I’m one of them… :)
I think, the next time, such a grand wedding would take place for Shruthi Haasan (I personally have felt very bad for being born after Shruthi Haasan and even though I don't look good, I do regret about my birth-date :) )

Source(for just a few things. but still…): http://www.thehindu.com/news/article611347.ece


gowri sankar said…
sorry to tell u but this article is waste of time.. every thing u mentioned here came in one way or other in any news paper.
vrraghy said…
actually yeah...! i felt like writing this mainly for Kamal Haasan's words n nothing else...!
Anyways... thanx for a frank and original comment...! :)

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