Unfit for love…?

"Love". You know what I mean…! (At least by now...)

I've always been seeing (rather forced to see) couples talking happily with each other, whenever they find time... I wonder, how do they manage to sit together for soooooooooooo long...?
Won't they get bored of each other...?
Won’t they ever run out of topics...?
Will they never get tired...?
Well, IDK...! (I Don't Know...!)

I've questioned myself several times regarding why (to be read as why the hell) I don't think I can ever be in a “relationship”...! I'm even afraid of the same...! Damn it...!!!

Hey, wait a minute...! What was that "it" I was just referring to...? Hmmm…! Let me think...

Processing... ... ...

NO. To be honest, that's not the direct cause...! I think I lack something that never takes me to getting one... What could it be...?

Girl - friends…?
I do have a few of them, but none of them has ever thought of getting me a girlfriend…! :(

Perseverance to get something needs the eligibility at the first place...! So what's that...?

I'm not sure if this is THE reason... But as far as I know (disclaimer: “only limited knowledge”), flirting guys get flirty girlfriends... Again, this might work, but I'm not sure it WILL...!!!

Ability to talk well...?
Well, I do talk...! Maybe not the right things at the right time and the right place... It IS related in a way, but doesn't affect much...

Ability to tell stories...?
Well, this point may seem absurd to many, but I've read that this is one of the characteristics of guys to whom women are attracted to... I surely lack this...! But in this modern age, this is NO big reason, I know… :)

Too much of discipline…?
Well, w.r.t (with respect to) this generation, YES…! No wonder I wonder how people move on so easy…!

Yeah, this one does play an important role in people & relationships… If someone’s short tempered, he/she has a better chance in losing their “ones” & people’d obviously hesitate to talk to him/her… But I still feel there’s something more that drives one to successfully get into a “relationship”…

Got it…!

I can recollect a popular phrase from Tamil:
"பொருத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார்" - to be read as “poruthaar boomi aazhvaar”, meaning “the patient ones rule the world”.
When they can rule the world, why not women…? (or men, if you are a woman. I tell you, it’s more difficult to get your man than to rule him for the rest of your life…! :P)

Patience is the key…! Where’s that key…? It’s hidden right under your pillow…! Let it out to control yourself for some time, suppressing all your other dark characters…
Okay, so, how can we reach the key…? For that, we’ve to know the pillow, first.
So, when do you use your pillow…? Yeah, right. When you go to bed. To sleep.
That’s when your entire apparatus rests, physically…! Now comes into picture our inner-most thoughts, perceptions, behavior, attitude, etc, etc…

What happens after you fall asleep…? One of the simplest answers: “You Dream”. What you see/feel in your dream is either what you want or what you get (heard of déjà vu…?). Okay, be it the dumbest question in the universe or weirdest thing in the galaxy or even the most perverted thought that has ever happened to anyone in the entire human evolution…! All of your scariest, funniest and craziest things involving the impossible combinations happen only in your dreams… Getting to know things that are far beyond our abilities spending little energy… Isn’t it kinda cool…? :)

Well... Enough said about dreams. The point I wanna make here is, you get cool things only when you stay cool… So, stop worrying about getting a girlfriend/boyfriend… At least reduce worrying about it, if you don’t feel like giving up your worries in one shot…! J Things will happen when they are supposed to happen…! And it’d be unfair on my part if I forget to quote thalaivar’s(who else…? Rajnikanth…!) dialogue:

கிடைக்கர்து கிடைக்காம இருக்காது.
கிடைக்காம இருக்கர்து கிடைக்காது.

You’ll get the things you are destined to get.
You’ll not get the things you are destined not to get…!

Just think of the parameters mentioned above(before "Patience"). I find it fascinating (hope you find it too...!) to notice that all those parameters will become a part of your skill set, once you wait patiently and get into a relationship and spend your precious time happily with your precious one...! Time is precious, they say. Not just Time, I'd say. People as well...! Especially,
those who make you feel good every moment, your birth in this world is not useless...
those who don't just lend you their shoulders, but surrender them to you...
those who don't just stand by your problems, but drive you out of them...
those who criticize you for your mistakes and give you advice the very next moment...
those who mock you right in front of you, but are proud of you otherwise...
(this one has always been for guys, but nowadays for girls too...! :P)
those who booze with you, throw up next to you, blabber along with you, but advice you not to booze, the very next morning...!

Well... There are a lot more things we can keep telling about those people...!
Those people are soooooo special that the very word "special" is not special enough to describe them...!
Every one of us. Every one of us would have/have had/will have at least one such person in our life... If you did, you WERE gifted. If you do, you ARE and if you don't, you WILL be...! :)

So, let’s come back to the parameters once you get into a relationship... :)
Short-temper : You'll lose it... (obviously...!)
Too much discipline : Oh, come on...! :)
Ability to tell stories : Will become an acquired skill.
Ability to talk well : You'll have nothing else to do...! :P
Flirting : Nothing wrong...! ;)
Perseverance : You'll come to know...! :D
Girl – friends / Boy – friends : Feathers to your hat.
Girlfriend(s) / Boyfriend(s) : Mission accomplished...!!! :) :) :)

Well… That's all for now... Think I’ve bored you enough already…! Will bore you some other time… For sure…! :)

Till then... Take care... Tata...! :)

Raghavan. :)


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