Ever wondered why we're so dumb, at times...?

Apologies, if you were offended by my usage of the word "we", instead of the omnipresent "I".

Oops, apologies for using the word "omnipresent", instead of "uni-present".

Oops, again, since I'm now being read by you, somewhere other my place here. Oops, I might not be here, at this time...!

Anyway, talking about this whole "presence" thing... Do you think one can be present at more than a single location...?
Physically, NO. I've got to agree with that. After all, every one of us has got just one body, and we call it ours & ourselves, till we depart.
But, mentally / phenomenally, we can be present at more than a single location. We definitely can.
For instance, I'm just right there at the place you're reading this from. Am I not...?
I bet you are thinking abt me, right now. Okay, even if not then, definitely now. Thanks to the previous sentence ;)

Okay, let me just say a word now. Rajnikanth. A famous choice indeed ;)
I'm sure, you did think of him for a fraction of a second. At least his face/any of his movies/a style of his, must've come to your mind.
Fine. If you didn't even know about him, there might've been the slightest of curiosity or inquisitiveness in your mind, when you just read the name of his.

So, somehow, someone or the other, in some form or the other, is present in our minds, without our consent or approval or even our will.

Just think of someone you love the most. Be it your mother/father/brother/sister/friend/any-of-your-relatives/boyfriend/girlfriend/son/daughter/colleague.

In the whole sequence of the previous line, despite you reading the sentence just once, your sub-conscious mind'd've stopped at each & every word, processed it, bring the image of the corresponding person into picture, making you think of him/her for a moment, then for the the next one in the list & repeat the whole process all over again.

So, where does this whole processing thing happen...? Somewhere deep inside those complex meshes placed well concealed inside our heads. Yeah, you're right. The Brain.
The CPU behind evolution's success. And we just keep feeding it things everyday, but it never complains...!
And it's up to us to keep it alive, working, efficiently.

Well, if I ask you to find an answer for the question, "Who was Veeramaamunivar...?", you tend to search it online. Or, to put it simple, "google". And that's okay. Btw, DO Google abt this. A very interestin story behind ;)
Because, you might not have any source, and internet might be your only option.

But, if I ask you, "What's the product of 5679 and 3426 ?", you "might" turn to calc/google/any_such_thing, thus making that genius buried inside, become dumb. Or dumber.
When we know we can do something, why not do it...? Or at least give it a try...? It is this kinda attitude that makes us dumb, dumber or the dumbest.

Knowledge, they say, is something that increases when shared. So is our ability.It increases with increase in activity.

Lets not waste what we have, in search of somethin better, and get doomed for a lifetime...!

Btw, a final BIG oops, for not writing anything on a particular topic. This is how thoughts are.
Sometimes, you feel like getting into a river, to enjoy the water there, but you might be taken away by its flow
Later, you realize that it was not what you actually wanted, but still you still end up enjoying everything you experienced on the way.
Again, trying hard to come back to your actual place, you move on. That's exactly what just happened with me when writing this post.
Wanted to write something, but ended up with something else...! Just couldn't help it...! :)

Well, one of the things behind this post is this:

PS: Jus wanted to write something :)


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