Tell me one thing that you crave for. Or a few things.
Food, I'd say first. Whoever is sympathetic, can raise your hand. Okay, good count. You may put it down :)
Money. Agreed. Even if not a complete YES, still a Yes.
People ? Yeah, one needs someone or the other, at some point or the other.
Other than that...? Many many many more...!
Over here. But at "work", what can one expect...? For ppl who're not okay with this generalizations, what do I expect...?
Again, there are many other things. We all know that every individual has Rights & Duties. One without the other, might lead to slavery/stupidity/something_else.
Sometime back, while I was still at work, something amidst a lot of things made me think as to what I was doing...

Sitting in Business Formals (read: Western, non-Indian)
at 2 AM,
off my bed far away from home,
worsening this mortal frame,
trying to make some junk work,
ruining a could've-been-awesome life...
Quite Challenging, eh...?

Why...? I mean it. Literally. Why...?
It's not that I have automated every speck of a task in this world.
It's not that I'm capable of writing a million LOC's in seconds.
It's not that I'm the best of the lot, when it comes to any problem at hand.
It's not that I can do what Rajnikanth can't.
It's just that I can do something despite that being of not so worth.

May be I'm dumb/slow/arrogant/stubborn/ignorant. But, as nature has it, there's always another side... I might as well be modest/stable/confident/sure/blissful. Yeah, respectively :)

Such a One doesn't need an incentive. Not a party. Not a lift somewhere up.
But a mere acknowledgement of whatever stupidity that was contributed. Let alone appreciation...!

A wise young man once said,
"I'd rather be happy to be proved worthless than never to face a test".
You're reading a post of his, right now :)

If your friend gives you a call...
If your enemy throws you a stare...
If someone abuses to the lowest...
Or even if some stranger calls you from behind...
All that person would be looking for, is an acknowledgement, and not just that it'd make someone happy, it won't even cost you anything...! :)
And you can always feel happy for making someone feel happy ;)

"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied", they say. A soul that's not acknowledged is worse than a soul that never had a chance to be.

So, next time, if some stranger cares to smile at an equally strange you, please think of giving an equally strange smile...! :)


bharadwaaj said…
wat polambal..? did you propose any one and she did not respond at all?

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