Periya Annaatha - Big Boss

What ?
Right after a board meeting with Kalanidhi Maran, a popular director of Tamil giga-serials told us that soon there would be a Tamil version of Big Boss. Yes. On Sun TV. The head of the multi-crore organization, when moving out, seemed to be a bit tensed. Apparently, he has been the same since a long time back. Although Superstar's Endhiran pulled him out of all those cragiga-serialsppy movies like Kandhakottai, etc. and had made him happy, he had been too skeptical about the inception of something like Big Boss into the conservative Tamil audience.

Why ?
When asked the reason, Mr. Thiruchelvan (name changed) fumingly said, "The Tamil audience are very conservative and strict. They will not tolerate anything other than an item song or two where a lady in fancy dress competition dances with the villains who can hardly stand upright, or a typical North Indian girl who knows nothing other than the word 'machaan', dance for a temple festival at a village buried so deep that even the Tamilians didn't know about. We hope this show becomes a success. Especially among the youth who are open to accept any form of art, say Kolaveri, for example." When asked him about his reason for him being anonymous, he said, "Despite becoming the the ex-ruling party, we have not forgotten Anna. So only I want to remain Annaanimous." Our reporter, when tried to explain him on Anna, the ex-leader had came in front of the camera, shouting "They're killing me" in a blunt throat and that was the last second our man was still there.

Where ?
When our team did some research on where the house would be possibly be located, the top contender was the soon-to-be-multi-specialty-clinic New Assembly Complex at Oragadam. Having excellent facilities and built specifically for seminars, discussions, debates, fights and stone-throws, everything seems to be in place except the roof of the building which was done by an art-director. A perfect blend of masonry and art. Literally.

Who ?
And who would be the anchor for the show ? The Super-star Rajnikanth *shush, don't be loud* had just come back to normal and can't afford to come down and host a reality show. Even if he does, Big Boss will have to enter Rajnikanth and that just doesn't make sense for now. And despite the biggies like Uniearsal Hero Kamal Haasan being busy on a Hollywood remake, Young Commander Vijay on a Bollywood remake, Ultimate Star Ajith on a self-remake and Chiyaan Vikram on a continuous make, there were still other handful of possible people fit enough.Supreme Star Sharath Kumar in his current plans of switching to the opposition party, but coming to know that it's virtually under the ruling, he seems to be staying in his own. Being a polyglot and prior experience in hostin reality shows, he suits the profile, but looks over-qualified. Moreover, he doesn't come under any of the BC/MBC/BBC/SC/ST/SEZ quota.
While the yesteryear actor Suresh who is busy with reality shows all around, can be befitting, an episode without his hat and with all the lights on, might make the participants go blind.
Avoiding such risks, the only person suiting the most, would be the one who is on an exile after his failed attempt to keep his mouth shut. But secret sorries and feet-fallings have ensured the Vaigai Storm Vadivelu the chief anchor, along with his own sidekicks like Bonda Mani et al. 

How many ?
The set of contestants is the most interesting, sources say. The list mostly includes eminent film personalities like veteran director Perarasu, Rising Star J.K.Riteesh, Power Star Dr. Srinivasan and People's Hero Sam Anderson among others. Director Perarasu has even demanded a female lead for the whole set and the sponsors seem to be ready to rope in anyone from Jayamalini to Vijayalakshmi.
And Sam Anderson who apparently demanded that he would compose a song and dance for it on the show, was warned not to try anything suicidal for others.
Above all, trustable sources say that the Leader of Opposition of the TN State Assesmbly, Revolutionary Artist, Black MGR, Captain Vijayakanth might give a special appearance too. And rumours have it that he might be wanting Action Queen Vijayashanti on the show for a duet and some debate. So, what would they discuss / fight on ? Telengana ? Or Telungaa Naana ? Definitely a feast for eyes, that's assured.

Keep waiting. Celebrations around the corner !!! 



Neha said…
I dnt hv much abt tamil idea is surely good :-D
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