So, am this guy who keeps asking a small set of ppl to give me an interesting topic, for I can write a post on that, hoping myself to get better in writing. Although there have been many pending *most of them. Or all of them, I should say* the urge to take something up and start writing on it, never dies, but just remains, dormant.

And this one, given by a friend, has just found its way out of my head to become a post, no matter how crappy it turns out to be.
The topic was Hate-List. And so here it is. Although, not everything to be treated with utmost care.

  • Hate-list(s)
    • Seriously, who has the patience to maintain a list of things. That too, for the ones that are hated. Sigh.
    • On a different note, I kinda like arrays though.
  • Termites
    • Most of the precious books of my grandpa's/uncle's were taken for their food. Hence.
  • Seperatists
    • Some useless guys whom most of the ppl hate. Usual stuff.
  • Optimists^2
    • These ppl, who, in the name of optimism, would expect you to say, "I can finish this in a few minutes", instead of your realistic "I shall try to complete this asap", failing which, you'd achieve the max. probability of being branded a pessimist.
  • Light
    • Not that am evil. Just that am photosensitive.
    • When things can be clear with 10, why'd I want brightness=100 anyway ?
  • Laptop
    • Although not technically hate, this is out of extreme love, as am evolving to a state where I can't live without it.
    • Hate that I love it too much.
  • Soft drinks
    • Overrated. A tender-coconut makes me feel better.
  • Hard drinks
    • Highly overrated. Would choose soft drinks instead.
  • Branded stuff
    • Although not everything, these brandnames, in the name of quality, just attempt at emptying my wallet.
  • Language Mistakes
    • Grammar mistakes. English, to be specific.
    • Nobody makes one in their mother tongue.And after_all_it's_a_foriegn_language is a completely acceptable reason.
    • But, mistakes like "Did you went?" do cross the threshold_of_tolerance.
  • Not accepting one's mistakes
    • One should one their action. However silly. However stupid.
  • Aggressiveness
    • Not because of being a victim earlier; this just puts me off, painting a picture of selfishness.
    • Especially, to the harmless ones like me.
  • Lies
    • Unless extremely_important / for_world_peace. Say, somethin like, "Ashwathama Hatha: Kunjara:" A partial lie uttered by someone who has never made a lie in his life.
  • Lice
    • Back in my school, I had this classmate guy, whose head was the groove for most of the these. Despite being a good guy, he was hated for that.
  • Time
    • Always faster than I am. Every bledy time !
  • Wasting food
    • One of. The. Most. Hated.
    • Seriously, just take_what_you_can_eat & eat_what_you've_taken.
  • Scribbling_Inappropriate
    • A recent one; fellows write on the desk *company-provided-ultra-expensive ones*, notebook cover, palms, etc.
    • Is it bad to expect some circleipline / organizing at all?
  • Extravagance
    • Just extra.
  • Littered Desktop
    • Being a cleanliness_next_to_godliness guy that I am, this annoys the most.
  • Being asked not to be perfect
    • Nobody's perfect. Fine. If someone can't be, am okay with that. But why should I follow ?
    • If fixing a problem is a problem, fixing it right should be the main problem.
    • One can at least try, no ?
  • Mugging up
    • The so-called "by-hearting". Hate this too much.
    • Too much that I didn't even go for GRE, for I had to mug too many words up, with most of them harldy being usable everyday.
  • Cluttered code
    • I just love having things formatted. How much it makes the world better !
  • Writing lenghty posts
    • #WatToDo.


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