Objection Should Overrule

I'm objective, and am proud of it. And by "objective", I mean the tendency to look at things from the other side.

Well, we live in a subjective world, and an objective person is often shrugged off as being non-opportunist, impractical, or more simply, a loser. And what do these subjective people have to take home? Victory? Satisfaction? Happiness? Hell no! All that would remain out of subjectivity is just some insecurity of being vulnerable to the opponent's objectivity. And belonging to the latter, I wouldn't say that my sect is the best either. I shouldn't, else am not one of them.

So, what does it feel like to feel like another? I just couldn't resist quoting a few lines from Amish Tripathi's 'The Immortals of Meluha' here.
The pandit started, "Every knowledge has a context, without the context we may not get the point. So tell me what is the color of that leaf?"

"Its green", said Shiva.

"Is it?"

"Isnt it?"

"Why do you think that it appears green to you?"

"Because," said Shiva, "it IS green!"

"How does the eye see?"

"The white sunlight falls on that leaf.The leaf’s physical properties are such that it absorbs the colors violet, indigo, blue, yellow, orange and red. It doesn’t absorb the color green which is reflected back to my eyes. Hence I see the leaf as green."

"Exactly!" beamed the pandit. "So think about the color of that leaf from the perspective of that leaf itself. What color it absorbs and what it rejects.Is its color green? Or is it every single color in the world, except green?"

Shiva was stunned by the simplicity of the argument presented to him.

"There are many realities. There are many versions of what may appear obvious, Whatever appears as the unshakable truth, the exact opposite might also be true in another context. It is the context or perspective that you are looking from that moulds which particular reality you see."
So that pretty much conveys my point. We just see what we get to see. More importantly, we only see what we want to see. And what about those all other things we don't see? One has to care about that too. And that's precisely why we've got to be aware that we have a view that's narrow enough to accommodate all our perceptions, but would overflow the moment another's is brought in, however considerate it might be.

And why? Why is it that many of us are so much used to comfort ourselves that we're right and that everybody else is otherwise? Why is it that our thoughts don't give a damn to others' but only too much of it to our own? Why is that we criticize others criticizing us than considering it for the better? Why is it so hard to even think that we might be less right while we comfortably deny that others at least have the probability of sounding right? Why are heading to a scattered mob of selfish growth instead of a collective society of worthy advancement?

Tough indeed to answer all these at once. Well, there's this concept of KSA Triangle. Knowledge-Skill-Attitude.

And what we see is, as the phrase goes, "tip of the iceberg". While skills & knowledge are completely essential in any case, the attitude is what holds them together and puts them to use, good or bad. And when 2 such icebergs collide, there's absolutely no fuss above the sea-level, but a tough clash of attitude occurs, which obviously disfigures at least one. Not for good.

What can history teach us? Wait, am not digressing here. What's one of the key takeaways from history lessons? War? Civilization? Architecture? Culture? Literature? Folklore? More than all these, it's the difference. The difference that has always been, still does, and will ever be.

The difference that gives the identity. The difference that makes us think superior.
The difference glorified by borders. The difference cribbed within.
The difference that leads to war. The difference that evolves to become another.
The difference that tends to grab others'. The difference that holds treasures within.
The difference that looks momentous. The difference that feels so futile.
The difference that makes one regress. The difference that can bring some progress.
The difference that rips us apart. That difference that binds us back.

It's not just the way one sees it, but understanding the way others see it to be too.

KSA-Triangle images Courtesy: http://allianceqblog.qaaqblogs.com


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