People we meet

I was given a topic a few weeks back. I'd just like to put it like this: "People we meet".

Well, am not saying that I've met a zillion people, or that I know every person I've met. Knowing someone, is different, and takes more time & effort. But meeting someone, I'd say, is kinda easier. Not the ones we want to meet, but the ones we actually meet. On achieving something without a target, why not think about it for a moment, and ponder over the process?

Everyday! Every bloody day, *unless one lives in complete isolation, of course* we meet hundreds of people. Even thousands, probably, of various classes & characters.

Wait. Let's define a 'meeting' here. I don't wanna bother abt the definition here, for I just wanna use it all over this post, for setting the context I want to. A meeting might not have any of the necessary things:
  • Greeting someone.
  • Shaking hands with each other.
  • Sit together and/or have a cup of coffee/tea/whatever.
  • Or even have a hi/hello/hey.
The one I want to mean, is 'come across'. Well, right now you might feel a strong & irresistible sentence within yourself: "You could've just used 'come across' instead of the whole of the previous paragraph!"
But, you see, I don't have an answer. As a matter of fact, I don't even think I have to answer. Am bound to answer for the content, and not for these.

Have we ever thought, at least for a moment, as to what would be the life of a person who we just went by at the staricase?
Have we ever cared to guess, even once, regarding the beggar's early life?
Have we ever wondered, why, when you smile at a kid, the kid smiles back, and when at an adult, he/she might not?
Have we ever imagined, what it might feel like to be the security personnel who sits at the gate all night?
Have we ever noticed, the expression of the face of a man carrying a sac, trying hard to reach the shop, with utmost sincertity.
Have we ever said a simple "thanks" after buying/taking something from a shop/counter?
Have we ever smiled at the man/lady at the grocery shop every morning?
Have we ever offered an apology to the person we accidentally hit on the way?
Have we ever greeted the ones around us a Good Morning / Good Night ?
Have we ever acknowledged the effort one has put in, to complete a task, despite that purely being their job & nothing else?
Have we ever tried to talk to an unknown kid playing the road asking her whereabouts / gave a chocolate?
Have we ever offered a piece of your snack to the one sitting next to you on a bus journey?
Have we ever tried attending a child crying on the streets?
Have we ever reminded ourselves of our old friends who couldn't make it to a position as good as ours?

With all liberty, one can casually shrug their shoulders off, saying, "Boss, it's his life. What do you want me to do!"
If you say so, not that you expect my sympathies, but just that they shan't be any. This I-Don't-Care attitude doesn't help for long. Well, individual progression is not more important than a collective one.

Don't wanna drag this anymore, but just a few more things:
Help. Care. Respond.

And one last thing. Here's one of my fav. Sanskrit Shlokas that shaped my attitude so early.

परोपकाराय फलन्ति वृक्षा: परोपकाराय दुहन्ति गाव: |
परोपकाराय वहन्ति नद्य: परोपकारार्थं इदं शरीरं ||

The trees give fruits for others; The cows give milk for others.
The rivers flow giving water to others; This body is for the benefit of others.


Neha Rastogi said…
One of ur best articles.. I am glad I did all of the things u listed above. All one want is empathy and not sympathy.

One can see the difference on the security guard's face when u say 'Good morning' to him/ can then know the difference a small gesture makes!! :):)
...yes, the small things do matter to an extent, even if not the most.
Devipattabiraman said…
good article da raghava.. even that sloka s one of my favourite sloka

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