Men are from Madippaakkam. Women are from Virugambaakkam.

Ever wondered why women think so much? The answer is simple. Because men don't think much. Don't get the connection? Lemme explain.

Nature. Nature is the culprit. I get your question. "How can nature be responsible for this, idiot?"

How did you know that I'm an idiot? I mean, how dare you call me an idiot? Alright, you're forgiven. We women always have this merciful heart of pardoning just when someone realizes their mistake and is to be on their knees.

Anyway. What was I saying? Yeah, a woman is bound to think when her careless counterpart is, you know, just careless. It's a sense of responsibility every women gets sworn in with a sense of pride & prestige, but without a ceremony. You know what men are capable of? Nothing. Yeah you read it right. NOTHING!

"Oh! Cut the crap already! How could you just criticize a gender that had literally been dominating the world for millennia? Jesus, Buddha, Ashoka, Alexander, Einstien, Ilaiyaraja, Sam Anderson. All men! Okay, the last one was uncalled for. But yeah, men pretty much ruled humanity!"


"So how could you call we men careless?"

I feel bad that you've misunderstood. That's not your problem, but English's. I meant, care - less. I never  said they never care, but just that they can care a little more. Had they had, the world wouldn't've been what it is right now - poor, pathetic, poignant & pervert. Sorry men, there's absolutely no problem with what you are, but only with the way you are. Deep down in you, I know, there lies a good soul that longs to express & experience certain things, but you stop them mid-way in the name of masculinity.

"Okay. You got me. I mean, us. Men can't do certain things. Rather, they won't. But how does that make you say that the dark parts of this world are due to men? Wasn't it a man who walked our land and preached us the wisdom of life? Wasn't it a man who conquered all his way and yet remained righteous? Wasn't it a man who tried to explain almost every damn thing that we were puzzled of? When men have dared to commit to such actions, how could you blame men of the inaccuracies this world possessed, Miss?"

You just can't be convinced, can you? Well, it was also a man who commanded the slaying of the innocent. It was also a man who invented the deadliest of weapons. It was also a man who was conquered by greed. It was also a man who abused women. Know what? He still does! Men are driven by accomplishments, while women are by affiliations.

"So you just want to paint the whole city pink just because it appears to be soothing, don't you? Life isn't beautiful, dear. It has never been & will never be. The world needs someone to dictate an order, failing which the only thing that would remain, would be anarchy. And trust me, nobody wants that!"

Ah! I see what you did there. Well done! Very well done, I should say. You just never paint the city or even a house, in the name of uselessness but spend all the resources on war? Why? Seriously, why? What does one have to derive from it? Supremacy or sorrow? Triumph or trouble? Elegance or emptiness? Mostly it's the latter. Men need to stop taking things fast, but just stop by and enjoy them as is.

"You mean, telling someone an 'I love ya!', greeting the old lady who passes by, saving the wrapper along with the gift, & stuff like that, right?"

To begin with, yes. The acts you just described would help you in bringing your inner-self out, and project yourself, which you wouldn't do by yourself. Unless you let us know of the good guy in you, you're not getting one of us with our consent. Unless you get one, you wouldn't rest either. Just give it a shot. After all, no woman can be made to feel content, I agree.

"Fine, we shall consider giving it a try. But did you just mean that women can NOT be satisfied?"


"Whoa! Then why should we try to, when we clearly know that we can't?"

Nature, my friend. nature. All the best!


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