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Ma first poem...! :)

long long ago... so long ago...
i.e. when i was n 9th std...
i had to submit a leave letter... usually my mom'd only write it but unfortunately,
she was not feelin wel enough to write...! :(

Then i started writin and the words were goin fine to some xtent.
But, i don't remember y i wrote severe as seviour...

O my god...! tat was the only mistake i did...
but my English teacher (unfortunately my class teacher too..!) kept on scolding me for weeks from then...!

Till then, i was not really good n English...
but i think, this incident made me a poet...!

yeah... i wrote a poem!!! when i was n 10th std...
here it is...! :)


Learn... Learn... Learn...!

I looked upon the sky,
And wanted to go there and fly.
I thought of going there by a rocket
But there was no money in my pocket..!

And then i looked at a star,
And wanted to driver there my car.
A car needs fuel,
It needs money dual..!…

just abt me... :)

wel... let me start bloggin for the 8th time...!
its worth to note that i've failed n writin my thoughts n the previous 7 attempts!
so... i wish atleast this attempt wont let me down...! :)

this is jus somethin lik "I-Me-Myself"...
Wait..! Its not an autobiography r somethin of that sort...
Just a few lines that i'd lik to scribble online...! :)

The prologue jus got over!
U'd've got a clear idea of which sort of jokes i crak... (if at all u think that it was a joke...!)
Some of ma frenz call it "mokkai" n some call it a "p.j"(poor joke!)

K i was born n tanjore and i was in pondicherry for 9 yrs (4 1/2 std)
and i continued my studies n a christian skul til 5th.
Then i joined an AGMARK Brahmin school where people get to learn aaaaalllll the traditions, but hardly follow them! :)
But thanx for the school for givin me an oppurtunity to learn Veda, which cant be done by everyone..! And to tel the truth, i'm very orthodox (one of the rare-seen, n…