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Fleeting Lives & Floating Hopes

I'm surprised that many of us seem to be living with a sense of disillusionment, despite being in full knowledge of it. Or maybe I'm the only one. In this world where every damn thing done is an effort to win the rat-race, those who refuse to take part in it are by default termed losers, and this is said to be the unwritten norm these days. We live in an age of avarice, and one who is free of desire is perceived to be unfit.The urge to gain wealth, be it material of intellectual or anything for that matter, should come from within, and not from the universe, especially from the immediate kin. Beyond a certain age, one should be free to pursue whatever one wants, but that doesn't easily happen in our country, for 2 reasons: social pressure & moral obligations. One needn't care about the first, but definitely has to, and is forced to, about the second. We’re asked to live all our life for somebody else, just as a corpse following orders not directly stated but brilli…