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Valentine's Die Another Day

Okay, so this happened last Valentine's Day, and my current relationship status is "status quo". i.e. Single. Or, 'Still Single'. Even blunt: #ForeverAlone

The key question that lies ahead is this: "How long?" The rest is like a Maniratnam's movie, with the conversation simply juggling around the single-word questions: What. Why. Where. How. When. K.

And my position in all these: Helpless. Apparently, one needs to know and have a knack of getting someone romantically involved, and I, like many others I know, seem to lack it. You can't blame us. We're just waiting for the Universe to answer our prayers. "Why don't you try on your own?", you might ask. "Will you get the slaps for me?" I would ask.

Yeah, that's how it is right now. That's how it has been, and that's how it will be too. What? Seriously. Say I "like" someone. One doesn't just go and propose, does he? Okay, not proposing directl…