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Avoid, my in-law, the ladies' love!

Here's the original

And here's a translation

Seer fish bat
If one could get, Mackerel finger
There is moustache prawn
Please get down & stir, Gopal!

Avoid, my in-law, the ladies' love.
A quarter that'd sink thou on uncap.
Love is alike the sea water
Throw it when it starts to taste salty.

No issue if thou wed the mummy-said
Shalt lose thy trouser if thou not!
Don' need a figure to get me teary
But only a friend who'd do an obituary!

We'd traveled on a bike together
She's missing on the back, now I gather
We'd drop nuts on the beach ashore
And the sea is of its tears yore.

One'd go blind when it's love
Awaken, and it's just but love
She goes, on and after
As a fish out of water
A hurt Mynah
I sing melancholy

Figure is like sugar
Janak Janak bat!
Friendship is a vaccine
Janak inch Gopal!

Figure is like sugar
It'd twist the guys' power
Friendship is a vaccine
It'd cure the hearts within

In trust of a girl in between
I let go of a f…

Day 2 - 16th Dec. 2012 - II

The jeep to Aurangabad was for Rs. 30 and on my way, I glanced at the Daulatabad fort and cursed myself once again for not getting down and in there. The jeep-driver was clearly a thick vermilion on his forehead, a man wearing a cross was seated right next to me with his kid, and a lady with a purdah got in at what seemed like a Muslim locality, and I was engrossed in The Krishna Key.
I got down at Aurangabad bus stand, had lunch at a Maarwaadi restaurant for around an hour charging my cam & phone, then got an auto to Bibi-ka-Maqbara which I was told, was a place to notable importance. I had no idea. The auto dropped me there in less than 15 minutes.

Built by the Mughal emperor Aurangazeb in memory of his first wife, this seems to mimic the Taj Mahal in its structure. But there, I was told by someone that this was in memory of his mother. I still am not clear on which is right. Since the wikipedia page on this has in it sentences supporting the 'Tejo Mahalaya T…