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வாழலாம் வா வா!

நீயும் நானும் இந்த வையத்தினை விட்டு
தூரம் செல்வோம் அந்த வானம் வெல்வோம்!
சாவும் வந்து நம்மைக் காணாது நிற்க
வெற்றி என்போம் அது வாழ்க்கை கொள்வோம்!

தூரம் என்ன தூரம் பெண்ணே நீ
எந்தன் கண்ணில் நிற்கும் முன்னே
காலம் என்ன காலம் பெண்ணே என்
கால்கள் வேகம் கண்டிடு கண்ணே!

கண்ணில் உள்ள கனவுகள் எல்லாம்
காட்சிகளாக்கிக் காண்போம் வா வா
அறமே கொண்டு பொருள் தள்ளி வாழ்வோம்
வருவது வரட்டும் வாழ்வா சாவா!

பாதை பற்றி பயமில்லை பெண்ணே
பாராளும் ஈசன் துணையுண்டு கண்ணே
போர் ஒன்று மூண்டாலும் போவதேன்றானபின்
போவதற்கிடமொன்று கொள்ளலாம் பின்னே!

ஆதிக்கடவுளாம் ஆனைமுகத்தான் அருள
அறுபடை அகம் கொண்ட ஐயனும் அகம்கொள்ள
அன்பும் அறிவும் அனைத்தும் நினைவிருக்க
அடியேன்  துணைவி ஆகவும் மனம்வருமோ!

- வ.ர.ராகவன்.

Belur & Halebidu - I

On the night of 3rd Feb '12, two guys rushed through the crowds at the Majestic Bus Terminus at Bangalore, and found themselves a pair of seats in a bus that would take them somewhere to witness the awesomeness of the Hoysala Empire, which would be clear in their majestic & intricate carvings of their Gods and demi-gods and courtiers and countrymen! The Hoysalas had ruled for nearly 4 centuries, and the temples of Belur, Halebid & Somnathpur had taken them more than some 150 yrs!

This was the route for the whole journey. The bus to Belur started from Bangalore, by 10:30, and somewhere in the bus, I was non-stoppingly & nonsensically chatting with Veerabhadram on topics like History, Mythology, etc, just to realize that I didn't even *still don't* know a percentage of what he does! Well, the only thing I remember cribbing abt was he not bringing his iPad along, for we could read something in the dim light. Nyway, we slept off as early as 12 or 1, just to wake up…


I had gone home a few weeks back, and that Sunday was the best thing that happened then. The first half of the day was spent with my uncle, aunt & cousins visiting our native villages while the second was spent in a game of dice. My 8-yr old cousin, Meera is so good at it that she almost won all of us - me, mom & the sister-dad duo!

The game of dice is an ancient one, but am not sure if it's of Indian origin, since there are many varities, including the famous Monopoly, Ludo and Snakes-&-Ladders. The Indian epic Mahabharata, to my knowledge, has 2 occasions where this game is played between
Yudhishtira against Dhuryodhana-ShakuniNala against Pushkara. *very interesting stories behind these* The dice is generally not a pair of cubes, but more cylindrical where the 4 sides would be 1,2,3 & blank*no, it's not 0*, the combinations thus giving rise to 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 12. A blank on the both represents a 12. The ones we have are a part of our ancestral property, an…

Men are from Madippaakkam. Women are from Virugambaakkam.

Ever wondered why women think so much? The answer is simple. Because men don't think much. Don't get the connection? Lemme explain.

Nature. Nature is the culprit. I get your question. "How can nature be responsible for this, idiot?"

How did you know that I'm an idiot? I mean, how dare you call me an idiot? Alright, you're forgiven. We women always have this merciful heart of pardoning just when someone realizes their mistake and is to be on their knees.

Anyway. What was I saying? Yeah, a woman is bound to think when her careless counterpart is, you know, just careless. It's a sense of responsibility every women gets sworn in with a sense of pride & prestige, but without a ceremony. You know what men are capable of? Nothing. Yeah you read it right. NOTHING!

"Oh! Cut the crap already! How could you just criticize a gender that had literally been dominating the world for millennia? Jesus, Buddha, Ashoka, Alexander, Einstien, Ilaiyaraja, Sam Anderson.…