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Out at the Lakes

So, it's been a while since I wrote on my travel - over 6 years, to be precise. Not that I haven't been traveling, but just that I didn't really find the time to write them down - or tbh, too busy and mostly lazy to.

I'm back only recently from a few days at the Lake District, and it was quite nice, if not lovely. I was there for the Christmas holidays last year as well, and it was lovely - especially the snow, and met quite a few interesting people, but sadly, there was no snow this time. Plus, there were cloudy days, but I still tried to make the most of it all.

Day 1: Penrith

The plan was to leave Nottingham by the 0540 train to Penrith (via Warrington Central), and I slept promptly early on the night of 21-Dec, and woke up fairly early per my standards. The cab I had booked was at my home at 0520, and it would take not more than 10 mins to the station. Only on boarding the cab, I realized that the train was at 0520, and it had departed already. Thanks to the Off-Pe…