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மூசுக்காற்றும் முக்கிச் செலுத்தி
நாட்கள் நகர்த்தி நரைகள் ஏற்றி
மூப்பை மோர்ந்து முன்னே செல்லும்
நாயைப் போல நலமாய் உள்ளேன்.

அற்பப் பேறில் ஆசைகள் வைத்து
விருப்பு வெறுப்பை எல்லாம் தொலைத்து
அழகின் அழுக்கும் அருகே வராது
விதையா விதையாய்ச் செழிப்பாய் உள்ளேன்.

மதியின் மதியை மதியாதுறங்கி
குன்றிக் கிழிந்துக் கண்கள் இறங்கி
மடைகள் மீறிப் பொடலே தங்கும்
கும்பிக் கழிபோல் மதிப்பாய் உள்ளேன்.

ஊரிடைக் காகம் போல்திரிந் தோடி
கூறிட நாளுக் கொருசெவி நாடி
ஊனுடை ஊற்றும் உலர்ந்தே வாடி
கூனிடை கூடிக் களிப்பாய் உள்ளேன்.

Destined Destitute

I twitch and twirl and tumble within,
You're missed, letting me fumble, therein.
Having parted ways, for good
'ts been a not so good life, after all.

Not a night without your thought.
Neither the days, inevitably so.
Caged on my own, for reasons many,
Come back, my key, and set me afree!

Saline winds and sultry thoughts
Suck me dry and leave me wry.
Humid, hot, and haunting spots
Are all this haughty mortal's left.

Sleets of your smiles jolt me hard,
Blizzards of giggles leave me turbid,
Flakes of our moments snowball forth
And avalanche over my shaken self.

Destined to meet and destined to part?
Destined to long and suffer too?
Why ain't I destined but to forget?
It's been a not so good life, after all.


The whirls and twirls of an unsaid dance
And all the glory of youth's mere glance.
I eagerly learn this you bestow on me
Albeit with often a slip or two.

I wish it's special and nothing less,
And not a mistaken friendly excess.
Mystery clouds any judgement forth
While also hoping merriment some.

Unnerving it is, for these are so new,
But 'should've foreseen it all going askew.
A promising monsoon on a barren Earth
Only to leave it further scorched.

A dredging mind in a drudging life
With everything miserable running rife
Trundles on, armed with feeble hope,
Wishing another monsoon breeze...

Good Night

Empty nights of empty lives
Filled with wholesome lack of hopes
A fidgeting mind on unfinished things
And unpursued desires all alike.

Bereft of a listener, I turn to me
And discover my contempt of myself
I wouldn't blame me if I were me
For I've been myself all this while.

Unspoken fears speaking for themselves
Undying desires helplessly dying
Ashamed of all the mighty unaccomplished
I simply turnover and continue wailing within.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go,
None to cry on, nor be disciplined by.
No passers by, and no snide remarks,
Let completely loose yet tied to myself.

But there's one thing that lets me rest,
Letting my pride fall fully onto it.
The sole companion on a sleepless night –
My loving soft pillow that I bury myself in.

Verbose void

Amidst an inky night's embrace,
Busy with puzzles of life & beyond.
Only for the dawn to shun it all
And resume the lively daily grudge.

Busy making life's ends meet
And bathing in agony all along,
I envy those with all my heart -
The ones who could ponder of afterlife.

Still as a still, everything around,
For the trees don't snore, while asleep
Turbulent thoughts and sweaty cots
Are all that's ever left of these.

Loved ones loving to float adrift,
Leaving me autumn for ever and ever;
Despite reigning the raging one within,
How is it greed to seek a soul?

Pain or pleasure, one's told not to faze;
To be moored to none but just oneself.
But lack of ears for rambling minds
Is why souls aplenty are still awake.