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Day 3 - 16th Dec. 2012

There was a nerdy guy fiddling with his mobile at the waiting room in Jalgaon Railway Station & I approached him asking him about his time of departure, for he could wake me up for mine. He said that he had a train by around 1 AM, and I had asked him to wake me up by then. I had plugged my phone & camera for charging, which stopped working later, and all I had was my bag which I used as a pillow and went for sleep trusting that stranger.
Okay. This plug point not working n battery going down. Mein sO jaa rahaa hoon.
— Rules Raghavan (@vrraghy) December 16, 2012
But he kept his word. He woke me up by 1, and I was awake since then, and with extreme drowsiness bugged the station master in my broken Hindi about my train Mumbai-Ferozpur-Punjab Mail. It was already 02:30, and looking at me shuttling between the waiting room & the station master, a mid-aged woman, [by Tamilian instincts, an "aunty"] pacified me and pointed me to the right train.

I was quite scared at t…