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Which place in India is always left with money...?

-Cash மீன்ந்து போகும் :)


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ஏன்...? :(

I was vetti sometime back, (I still am) bored, tired, frustrated, etc. As usual, I sat down to write a poem, but nothin came to my mind then... I remember having composed a litle tune (I do it wit my horrible voice not at all fit for music, but only I listen to it. I wont even play them to my frenz, coz they'd mock me, as usual...! :) ). Well, comin back to the point, I was vetti (meanin "jobless")...
Took a rough sheet n started writin lyrics for the tune I had "composed". I tell u, i find it much easier (for me) to write for some music, rather than writing somethin abstract. I think I'm improving in writin things down. I wrote the following in less than 15 minutes...! (that's a remarkable achievement, at least for me...! :) ) And here it goes...                                           ஏன்...? என் கண்ணில் உன்னை நான் கண்டேன்
உன் நெஞ்சில் என்னை நான் கண்டேன்
உன் சொல்லில் என்னை ஏன் காணவில்லை...? என் வாழ்க்கை உன்னிடம் தந்தேன்
உன் வெட்கம் நானும் அதை அறிந்த…

வள்ளி கனவன் பேரை

This is one of the most pleasant songs in Carnatic Music (as far as this little person called  “I” knows). Actually, its not exactly a composition done by a particular person. Its a part of a set of folk songs called "காவடி சிந்து" (kaavadi sindhu). These are songs that are inherited for generations...!

The song begins with "வள்ளி கனவன் பேரை வழிப்போக்கன் சொன்னாலும்..."
Thanks to someone who has already put up the lyrics & its English translation:
(Unfortunately, the stanza I'm goin to talk about, is missing there...!)

I felt goose bumps when I listened to this stanza for the first time & it still continues to make me feel happy:

மாடு மனை போனால் என்ன
மக்கள் சுற்றம் போனால் என்ன
கோடி செம்பொண் போனால் என்ன
குறுநகை போதுமடி...!
முருகன் குறுநகை போதுமடி...!

This means:

Even if we lose our cows and our house
Even if we lose our people
Even if we lose a crore gold coins(money)
A little smile is enough...!
My beloved,
Lord Muruga's …

Miss. Wish

You know I miss you.
But you wish I don't.

I know you don't miss me.
But I wish you do....! :(


Which was the most romantic empire in the world...?

The "Roman" Empire. obviously...! :)


I wrote this on my last day in college, but forgot to put it up.
I cant(rather i wont) say this will stand good/right to every person leaving college,
bcoz college life isn't the same for everyone...! :)
Anyways, it's a few lines i jus wanted to write... :)
And, the title is "Part-II".
-there's no part I :) it jus says that the dear ones are parting into two... :(

The time has come.
For me and my beloved to part.
We're now filled with joy,
With greater amount of pain.

Leaving a long-inherited place
a place i wanted to leave
a place i wanted to stay
a place that made me sick
a place that made my smile
a place that made me cry
a place that taught me fun
a place that hurt me the most
a place that made me the happiest
a place i hated the most
a place i cherished the most.

First year of academics.
Second year of joy.
Third of confusions.
Final year - the result of all the above - memories.

Problems in mind, solutions in hands
The hands of people, who had the tag "friends" …

Mr. Valor

Ever wondered why Lord Muruga had so much of valor...?
Because, he had a வேல் (vel).
So, he's வேலன் (velan), or respectfully - வேலர் (valor)...! :)

Windows 7 – गवाक्षाणि ७

It was a warm summer evening...
Nothin spl... Me, Siddharth n Bharadwaaj were jus havin some vetti talk... :)
As usual, our favorite topics like mythology, culture, linguistics n other topics were goin on... especially Sanskrit was the topic of discussion then...
We accidentally came across the word Windows and I dont remember who gave the idea of having Windows OS in Sanskrit...!
Sounded initially funny, but we came across several interesting terms in Sanskrit, as we are all eminent poets in the same ;)
Not exactly, but we have some significant knowledge in Sanskrit... :)
We started giving terms like:
मम संघटक: - My Computer
धूळि पेटिका  - Recycle Bin
आनन पुस्तकं - Facebook, etc. :) It was fun coining terms in the most ancient language for the most modern technologies...! :) I think Sanskrit is the mother of all languages (so do many) and although its difficult sometimes, sometimes its fun…! :) And I’ve (we’ve) loved Sanskrit and we all will. The thing is, its easy to make up words (like com…