Windows 7 – गवाक्षाणि ७

It was a warm summer evening...
Nothin spl... Me, Siddharth n Bharadwaaj were jus havin some vetti talk... :)
As usual, our favorite topics like mythology, culture, linguistics n other topics were goin on... especially Sanskrit was the topic of discussion then...
We accidentally came across the word Windows and I dont remember who gave the idea of having Windows OS in Sanskrit...!
Sounded initially funny, but we came across several interesting terms in Sanskrit, as we are all eminent poets in the same ;)
Not exactly, but we have some significant knowledge in Sanskrit... :)
We started giving terms like:
मम संघटक: - My Computer
धूळि पेटिका  - Recycle Bin
आनन पुस्तकं - Facebook, etc. :)

It was fun coining terms in the most ancient language for the most modern technologies...! :)

I think Sanskrit is the mother of all languages (so do many) and although its difficult sometimes, sometimes its fun…! :) And I’ve (we’ve) loved Sanskrit and we all will. The thing is, its easy to make up words (like compound/additive words), but I wonder why it hasn’t added many, despite the grammar supporting it…!

Well, this is all we’ve done tyrin to Sanskritize Windows 7… Have a look… :)

----------------Better download/view this to get it clear :)-----------------------------


Microsoft – अणुललिता (AnuLalithaa)

Anu - very very small, Lalithaa – soft

Notepad – पत्रिका (patrika)

Patrika – Literally, used to write something on

Yahoo Messenger - दूत: (dhoota:)

dhoota: - messenger

Mozilla Firefox - मोज़िल्लाग्नेय जम्भुक:  (mozilla-aagneya jambhuka:)

Mozilla – proper noun( so we reatined it :) ), aagneya – Fire, jambhuka: – Fox :)

Google Talk - गूग्ल वद ( googla vadha )

vadha - talk

Rapidshare - अतिशीघ्र दायिनी (ati sheegra daaynee)

atisheeghra – rapid, daayinee - giver

Folder - सन्चिक संग्रह: (sanchika sangraha:)

sanchika – file, sangraha: – collection (since folder is just a collection of files – The sanskrit way of creating words ;) )

Start - आरम्भ:

Mouse - मूषिका (mooshikaa)

Photoshop - चित्रशाला (chitrashala)

User – उपयोगी (upayogi)

Password - गुह्यवार्ता (Guhya vaarthaa)

guhya – secret, vaarthaa - word

desktop – उटपीटिकोत्तर: (utpitikothara)

laptop - ऊरोत्तर: (oorothara)

uthara – on top of, utpeeitka – desk, ooru – lap :)

Download – अधरागमणम (adharaagamanam)

Upload – ऊर्ध्वागमणम ( oordhvaagamanam)

aagamanam – bring/take, adhara – down, oordhva – up

Wallpaper – भित्तिपत्रिका (bhittipatrika)


Hope we Sanskritize more…! :)


Anonymous said…
मूषिका (mooshikaa) this was hilarious ...gud one overall ...try for chennai tamil version ,,semma gujala irukkum
vrraghy said…
sure...! wil try sometime... :)

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