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A Tamilian's Tribute to an Apple


Am terribly disappointed. For a lot of reasons. But the most, by one.

"A man's value/influence on this society is determined by the no. of heads that mourn on this death", it's said.

A legend has just passed away. Not less than a week ago. And what have done other than FB status msgs, Twitter taggings, a few +1's and by some stone agers' Orkut scraps...?

He'd never asked me to buy any of the products of his company. Neither did I care to think of it since they were more clearly overpriced.

But how could such a legend not be here from India...? There has to be an Indian connection, did I think. Not that this is the only country that can host such a genius. But yet, when we don't / cant have something, it's at least a bit soothing to celebrate it as if it were ours.

We Indians are still proud of Aryabhatta/Bhaskara for giving this world it's greatest digit ZERO and other jaw-dropping gyans. Be it Bhagavad Gita/Thirukkural. Rabindranath Tagor…



Tell me one thing that you crave for. Or a few things.

Food, I'd say first. Whoever is sympathetic, can raise your hand. Okay, good count. You may put it down :)
Money. Agreed. Even if not a complete YES, still a Yes.
People ? Yeah, one needs someone or the other, at some point or the other.
Other than that...? Many many many more...!
Over here. But at "work", what can one expect...? For ppl who're not okay with this generalizations, what do I expect...?
Again, there are many other things. We all know that every individual has Rights & Duties. One without the other, might lead to slavery/stupidity/something_else.
Sometime back, while I was still at work, something amidst a lot of things made me think as to what I was doing...

Sitting in Business Formals (read: Western, non-Indian)
at 2 AM,
off my bed far away from home,
worsening this mortal frame,
trying to make some junk work,
ruining a could've-been-awesome life...
Quite Challenging, eh...?

Why...? I mean it. L…