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Day 2 - 16th Dec. 2012 - I

For the first time in a long time, I was responsible enough to wake up by 04:30 even right at the second alarm. It wasn't a room with an attached bathroom, and hence the price 250. The mosquitoes had been having a good dinner all night, while I would've easily lost a litre of blood when I was off.

I was told the previous night that there would be hot water available anytime after 4, and that I could come downstairs and ask the attendant. So did I. I was told that it would take another half an hour, and I sneaked out hoping to get a coffee, and bwoy, I did! A couple was running a mobile tea-stall, and the lady gave me the coffee with a good smile. Something more than just business, and I love such. While I was savoring the extra strong Nescafe, a police patrol jeep stopped right next to me, screeching. Nothing to fear, but was still kinda scared. And the logo on the jeep's door read:

|| सद्रक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय || Sadrakshnāya Khālanīghrahanāya Sanskrit for "To protect g…