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The War Within

The rich are on horses
The richer on chariots
We’re mere footmen
In the war that’s this life.

Chaos every second
Stampedes every moment
Traitors everywhere, and
Why are we still here?

The ray of hope is lost
The days of agony begin
Wish I breathe my last
Right here, right now.

Love weeps out of loneliness
Wealth keeps making us jealous
Minds keep trembling with fear
‘tis time we finish this miserable play.

There’s no second habitat
Nor will we ever know
Make this one better
Or let’s perish together.

Greed is now the norm, and
Contentment remains a word
The wealthy author our history
While we suffocate in peace.

Science gets stuck in labs
With barricades by governments
Influenced by the misers
Who loyally erode this Earth.

Gone is the soothing wave
Lost are the smiling faces.
Machines are made to act humane
For the fear of the loss of our nature.

The Earth is crumbling within
The ignorant Earthlings wander
The doom is spelled too early
And the heavens just lost faith.

We seem to have …