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"No language is as pristine as Sanskrit, as chic as French and as accomplished as English. The quintessence and pervasion of these languages is a culmination of their influence over and embodiment of many tongues in this world."

- Shrinath Badrinarayan :)


Sorry for not talking...
     For we have talked so much...
          so frank
          so caring
          so sweet...

Sorry for not smiling...
     For we have blushed so much...
          so beautiful
          so hearty
          so funny...

Sorry for not understanding...
     For we have shared so much...
          so personal
          so nice
          so close...

Again, sorry...! Sorry for everything...! :(


I wrote this in just 10 mins when i actually forced myself to write somethin... :)
1 or 2 lines may sound awkward, but still... :)

வா ! செல்வோம் அந்த நிலவுக்கு,
           சொல்வேன் நீயே அழகென்று.

வா ! செல்வோம் அந்த செவ்வாய்க்கு,
           சொல்வேன் நீயே சிகப்பென்று.

வா ! செல்வோம் அந்த ஆகாயத்திர்க்கு,
           சொல்வேன் உன் மனம் வெளுப்பென்று.

வா ! செல்வோம் அந்த ஆழ்கடலுக்கு,
           சொல்வேன் உன் குணம் மிருதுவென்று.

வா ! செல்வோம் எந்தன் வீட்டிற்கு,
           சொல்வேன் நீயே என் துணையென்று.

வருவாயா...? :)


Come ! Let's go to the moon,
              I'll say you are more beautiful.

Come ! Let's go to Mars,
              I'll say your face is more red.

Come ! Let's go to the sky,
              I'll say your heart is whiter.

Come ! Let's go to the deep ocean,
              I'll say your character is softer.

Come ! Let's go to my home,
              I'll say you are my partner.

Will you come...? :)


how many dimensions are totally there...?

Just 2...!

Come on! Its di-mension

conditions apply

Life is Beautiful.

*Conditions apply.