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2 months bak, during our sem exams, i was staying at my friends' place...

drug design & discovery - the worst paper v had last sem...

the night before the exam...
me, sid, pranav n sriram were just startin for dinner n a motel (kaiyendhi bhavan)
for i'd've considered abt goin der at least a 1000 times...!
all bcoz it'd serve egg n stuff...!

Fine, comin to the matter, we were startin...
the 3 other than me got out of the house n were waiting...
I, as usual, was late to start n when i had just come out and
as i was putting on my slippers holding my hand on the gap btwn the door n its frame,
sid closed the door...!
BANG...! my vision went dark for a moment...!
such a pain it was...!

the ring finger of my right hand had a reddish black at the root of its nail, due to the blood clot...
i was worried of the forthcoming pain (drug design) instead of the existin pain n my finger...
even if i'm given the q.paper, there's little probability tat i'd pass...!
and wit this damn fin…

tell me !!!

his gf is upset with him n he cant tolerate it this time...
he goes to her n speaks out...
he needs a concrete answer... :)
he speaks thus:
tell me what wrong did i do,
or at least how u came to know...

tell me where i went wrong,
or at least if in front of u ...

tell me one moment when i betrayed u,
or if i let u know...

tell me one point i didn't listen to u,
at least when u were still lookin at me...

tell me when did i leave u alone,
or u came to know that i made u wait...?

tell me if u didn't like just even character of mine,
so that i can also tell yours...

tell me if i ever thought of some other gal,
or is it bcoz she was looking better...?


tell me if u don't like me.
so that i can start looking...!!! :)i started writing something sad (as usual), but just felt like
changing it a bit... :)

hope i get positive comments this time :)

My Heart

I sit alone in the dark...
As I wonder what is crossing your mind,
I can't stop thinking of our memories,
Both good and bad...

No matter how much I say,
"I Hate You"
I NEVER mean it.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me...!

Everything that I say,
Has a meaning to it,
But just because I say it,
It doesn't mean that it's the truth though...

The Meanings:
I Hate You - I'm Hurt
I Love You - Exactly what I said
If I don't respond - I have nothing to say

Understand that I do love you,
But you broke my heart,
So I'll never give you my heart to break again...


This question is strictly for engineers :

Whats the opposite for Infosys?

Info-trans...! :)

New Year Resolution

My hearty new year wishes to everyone...! :)

I dont actually like this Gregorian Calender though.
-every year we use only the GRT calender ;) -

And today one of my friends asked me whats my new year resolution...
As i've just got my Dell Studio 15 laptop,
I said, "1366 by 768".

I'm sure he didn't understand...
Hope u have...! ;)