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The Great Living Chola Temples

Finally covered the The Great Living Chola Temples as part of the GoUnesco challenge, which means, only Nilgiri Mountain Railway is left in Tamilnadu, which soon, hopefully!

The route was simple:
Banagalore-Hosur-Salem-Vridhachalam-Jeyankondam-Gangao_konda_Cholapuram-Dharasuram-Thanjavur. All done in one morning, around less than 7 hrs.

Gangai Konda Cholapuram
Built in the 11th century as a mark of the Chola King as mark of him conquering till Ganga, this still stands erect and invite people.

And just after this, while waiting for a bus, got to taste for the first time in my life, Kambu Koozh, a porridge made of a millet, with added buttermilk and cluster_beans_fryraw_mango_with_salt_&_chilli_powder and green_chilli - was super awesome!

Airavatesvara Temple, Dharasuram
Built in the 12th Century by another Chola king, this is famous for its sculptures & especially the stone chariots. There are 2 seperate complexes next to each other, one for the God Airavateshvara (Shiva) &…

Badami, Pattadakkal & Aihole

After a roasting day @ Hampi, the night was spent in travelling to a place called Ilukkal & then to Hungund, where we got down at 2 AM - due credits to the stranger who misguided. But thankfully a co-passenger helped us get an accommodation, and I don't even remember if there were any dreams, for all I could see was SLEEP!

Badami Cave Temples
The next morning started a bit late; we got into a bus and were at Badami only by 10:30. The super-awesomely cut sculptures in all the 4 caves were intricate & beautiful! The designs patterns on the pillars deserve a special mention.

Dancing ShivaShiva & familyGaneshaVishnu in Vamana AvataraVishnu in Varaha AvataraVishnu seated on Aadisesha
These are from Cave-4 & Maheshwari loved the hairstyle
of this particular Theerthankara. So did I!

Just after doing the caves, we got back down & inquired for the route to Pattadakkal & Aihole, and were told that there are ONLY 2 buses each day, and that an auto-rickshaw is the only op…