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EkaAvatar: AVATAR - An Indian Perspective

Well, most of us'd've watched the movie AVATAR by now :)
If not, plz do watch it...!

We would like the movie for sure... Of course, its the spl fx that makes it awesome...
But there's another factor behind the movie's script...
The i-factor or the Indian factor...

The movie has a lot of things, making me wonder if James Cameron is actually an Indian...!
While Cameron himself has stated that Avatar has a subconscious Indian connection,
there are lots of other interesting things as well...! :)

The very word AVATAR, which means re-incarnation here in this movie tells us that an external soul can get into a body to save the people, just like the ones in our myths.

The reason for the Navi's blue color is hidden in the fact that Krishna & Rama were bluish, it seems... Well, this point may feel like im Indianizing or something like that...

Once the Navi's accept Jake Sully into them, they apply a white paint kinda thing on his body (similar to the sacred thread), we he…

Philosophy 29-03-10

Philosophy 29-03-10:

There's nothing wrong in contradicting your own statement,
when it proves you right at any point of time...! :)

Philosophy 25-03-10

Philosophy 25-03-10:

Where does politeness play a major role...?
When a higher official questions u something stupid
and you try to give the best suitable convincing answer...! :)

Philosophy 22-03-10

Philosophy 22-03-10:

Bhishma or Karna...?Who's greater...?
I think its the latter...
Because he was blessed "Yashasvi Bhava"...!

Philosophy 21-03-10

Philosophy 21-03-10:

Life is like fission & fusion.
Each and everything disintegrates and unites again...
EVERY thing: right from money to people...!

Philosophy 20-03-10

Philosophy 20-03-10:

When u are hopeless in solving a problem,
be happy with mathematicians' way:
Parallel lines meet at infinity.

Look at the intensity of their hope...! :)

Philosophy 19-03-10

Philosophy 19-03-10:

When the whole world is nude,
the one with an underwear is obviously an idiot...!

Philosophy 18-03-10

Philosophy 18-03-10:

Never try to be like someone...
Not just because nobody can be can be like u,
but because nobody tries to be like u...!

Philosophy 17-03-10

Philosophy 17-03-10:

If a problem can certainly not be be cured,
it has to be endured.

Philosophy 16-03-10

Philosophy 16-03-10:

The easiest thing to give away,
and the hardest thing to accept...!

Philosophy 15-03-10

Philosophy 15-03-10:

Never under-estimate yourself...!
Not because u should not do it...
Its just that there are lots of other people out there to under-estimate u,
so give them some job...!

Philosophy 14-03-10

Again, a litl late for this (again, bcoz of work...!)

Philosophy 14-03-10:

When the Sun is right above u,
people not only see light on u,
but also fail to notice the dark things beneath u...!

P.S: if u don't understand, try to understand...
else, just ask me... ;)

Philosophy 13-03-10

Philosophy 13-03-10:

Nobody cares what we are, or how we are...!
What others care about is: what THEY are, and how THEY are...
If at all they care about us, it'd be like:
what THEY want us to be, or how THEY want us to be...!

P.S: This may not apply to all, but im sure this applies to many. So, no offense...!

Philosophy 11-03-10

A litl late for this post... Bcoz of my involvement in my work... :)

Philosophy 11-03-10:

Work first. Philosophy next. :)

Philosophy 10-03-10:

Today, i came across a speech referrin to a sloka n i tout it suited to my situation the best (for the past few days...)
So, tats my philosophy for today...

Philosophy 10-03-10:

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, verse 14:

मात्रास्पर्शासु कौन्तेय शीतोष्ण सुखदुःखदा: |
आगमापायिनोनित्या: तांस्तितिक्षस्व भारत ||

Cold, heat, pleasure and pain happen by the contact of sense organs with their objects.
They come and go. They are temporary.
Knowing this, you endure them.

Sorry, not possible by me...! :(

Philosophy 09-03-10

Philosophy 09-03-10:

Well, Wikipedia says:

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

Phew...! At least philosophy is concerned about values...! :(

Philosophy 08-03-10

Philosophy 08-03-10:

By words, we may have a lot of people, knowledge, assets, qualifications, etc...!
But in reality...?
Who knows...? Who can know...? Who will know...?
Unless i whimper here...? :)

Philosophy 07-03-10

Philosophy 07-03-10:

लोकास्समस्ता सुखिनो भवन्तु
Let everyone be happy...!
But who cares about me...? :(

Philosophy 06-03-10

Nowadays, I always get somethin new out of everyday...
Some objections, some responses, some conclusions & therefore a philosophy everyday...
So, for today:

Philosophy 06-03-10:

When a person rarely asks for a thing, he is certainly denied...! :(

sin & cos

I've been experiencing sinusoidal hope for the past few days...

y sinusiodal...?
well, i had no hope at the beginning... ( sin(0)=0 )
(dont ask me abt -ve's as im optimistic ;) )
but as time passed by, it increased n when i reached 1, it started diminishing :(
this keeps me moving... not just moving, but moving in a disturbed form :(

but there'd've been no difference even if the hope was cos-usoidal :)
though it starts with 1, (cos(0) = 1) its stil wavery...! :)

anyways, as i know myself, i'm not the same always...
my mind is waving jus like my brain :)

after all, thoughts are just electromagnetic waves... :)


When i get problems or when i'm bored, i used to talk to myself...
I found it a stress-buster, but sometimes, ppl around me would look at me n think i'm kinda
crazy guy or mental retarded... :)
But nowadays i talk to my self, rather then myself...
The difference may seem little, but there's a lot of things to be understood...
It may even sound conscious, intellectual & even philosophical, even if u disagree... :)

When talking to myself, i talk things to this body with a name, height, color, etc.
But when i talk to my self, i communicate with some kinda higher entity...
Well, many call it the आत्मा (Atma) or soul...
Although i've read much abt these terms, i dont know if i can define these terms, i'd jus like to call it "self" :)

This also acts like a stress-buster, and also it makes me philosopher, like i always want to be :)

Anyways, in my busy schedule, no stress buster can help me from stopping this post as i've got many other so-called "important&qu…