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Pak-ing websites


List of sites banned by Pakistan:

-Facebook (later lifted the ban)

Website to be banned ASAP: - The official website of the Indian Government :)

For trying to hold anti-Pakistan talks with Pakistan (e.g. Peace, etc.)
-Despite the fact that India (at least Indian Government) is (trying to be) Islam-friendly :P

Man proposes...


Man proposes.
Woman disposes.

Sometimes the proposal is just turned down.
sometimes considered.
sometimes opposed.
sometimes not even looked at.
sometimes leads to minor/major injuries. :P
sometimes leads to emotional trauma.
sometimes gets one into trouble.
sometimes gets a reply "i'm just your friend".
sometimes spoils the friendship.

and rarely accepted...! :) :(



I've always wondered why I feel alone
Not just sometimes. Almost all the time.
Each & every time, I'd think of myself
     as one who never needed company.

But it turned out to be different.
At some point of time, I understood,
rather realized that I did need some company.

Not just external. Something inside. For my heart.
Yes. I needed a soul-mate.
I wasn't sure if I was right.
But, I was sure I wasn't wrong...!

There began a quest.
A quest for a relationship.
A quest for a partner.
A quest for love.
A quest for life...!

After all, its my stupid life.

Life is not just about a job.
Not just money.
Not just a house.
Not just pleasures.

But, something more...!
Something that makes you feel that you are drown,
     but still safe...!
Something that'd rush to save your life,
     just when you wished to be rescued.

When I was feeling all these,
Someone first crossed me.
And then my life
Then became a part of it.
And then the meaning of it...!

Someone who'd make me smile every moment.

purely bioinfo...!

Why do many of the "bioinformaticians" prefer Linux over Windows...?

Windows doesn't have any CHARMM...! :P

CHARMM - Chemistry at HARvard Macromolecular Mechanics is a molecular dynamics program which can run only on Unix-like operating systems :P


Nobody is to be blamed.
Things just happen...
Some become victims.
Some become the beneficiaries...! :)