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A Voyage Within

Wrote this, thinking about the “not-so-fun-filled-but-still-feels-good” kinda college life….! Again, I’ll not tell you this is of very good “quality”, but sure this is just straight from heart, for I wrote this in like less than 15-20 minutes… Was feeling like my loneliness was sucking me into itself; and that’s the feel here too.

A Voyage Within Somewhere down the road
Someone waits for me.
Sometime past the past
Something holds to me.
Loneliness being the only companion
Memories make me long for a re-union
Mind getting filled with every thought
Gradually letting myself rot.
Craving for another shoulder
The absence making me weep like a toddler.
Was always nice to be a part of a crew
Oh my God! Phantom limbs are really true…!
Longing for a long-time friend
Missing my own age-old trend.
Wish I could go back in time
For life now tastes like a drop of lime.
Life has created an invisible lock
Making me devoid of my dear flock.
Searching for the secret key
For it can help me happily flee.
A voya…