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Ever wondered why we're so dumb, at times...?

Apologies, if you were offended by my usage of the word "we", instead of the omnipresent "I".

Oops, apologies for using the word "omnipresent", instead of "uni-present".

Oops, again, since I'm now being read by you, somewhere other my place here. Oops, I might not be here, at this time...!

Anyway, talking about this whole "presence" thing... Do you think one can be present at more than a single location...?
Physically,NO. I've got to agree with that. After all, every one of us has got just one body, and we call it ours & ourselves, till we depart.
But, mentally / phenomenally, we can be present at more than a single location. We definitely can.
For instance, I'm just right there at the place you're reading this from. Am I not...?
I bet you are thinking abt me, right now. Okay, even if not then, definitely now. Thanks to the previous sentence ;)

Okay, let me just say a wo…


This one's about some realizations/observations I was just able to think over when I tried to look back at the period for which I was alive so far... :)Excluding the first few years where it was too early for my then little brain to process things that are around... :)
Would've certainly been the talk of our family circle, as is the case with every new arrival. ;)
And vague images of my then paternal grandma for whom I was the whole world, I was told. My maternal grandma instilled in me the greatest drink I've ever had so far. Coffee.
Later, was told my mom that I'd tell her this everytime my dad beats me, "Someday I'll grow big & then I'll deal with dad for all these beatings" Life's definitely funny. Only sometimes. ;)And the next few years where I don't remember myself being too serious about knowledge, except for the curious little questions like: "why is the fan not rotating in the other direction ?", "why am i not as t…