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A Life of Love with the Love of Life!

The day had been beautiful. I had stormed out, bought some stuff and came home happy. Swathi was waiting for me in the kitchen, preparing dinner. An angry Swathi. The Swathi who could just burn me right there with just her eyes, the very eyes that made me fall for her.

So, this is what happened. I set out, bought the fruits, vegetables and the tomato sauce she had asked for, but forgot the one thing she had specifically asked me not to forget - The eye-liner! The bledy eye-liner that escaped my stream of thoughts, among other things. By other things, I mean, the the thought of questioning myself on what would be the impact on her beauty if no eye-liner had been there; what would she do to me if I didn't get it for her; what would be the impact of the industry if she doesn't use them. Did prehistoric women use such things? Similar thoughts.

She was still staring at me. I just got the reason. As usual, I began calming her down. Had to. Else I'd have had to starve for the ni…