Cute, Smiling & Close-to-heart

Today, i had an excellent, cute, close-to-heart conversation with a close-to-heart friend of mine... :)
For the next few moments, i was blushing inside, as i couldn't do it outside bcoz of the other ppl present n the canteen...

I had made a gift for my friend for her b'day 3 days back...
I wished her exactly at 12 & i could feel from her voice that she was happy for that :)
And then i made her a gift out of the things i already had, and it took me more than 3-4 hrs to make it n i slept by 4! The next day, i.e. on her b'day i had to leav for coll by 7 for a training programme for 3 days. Though i had taken the gift to coll, i couldn't meet her n give it to her...! :(
The next day, i could meet her, but only after meeting her, i realised i forgot to bring it to coll...! :(

On the last day, i prayed i could meet her.
Finally, i could meet her by 1.25 in the canteen n she was n a hurry to meet the dean. I gave her the gift n i couldn't see her stop smiling for the next few moments...! :)

She : Hey its soooo cuuuuuuute :) Thanks! :)
I : Ur welcome! But sorry, i couldn't give it to u on ur b'day! :(
Thats ok, its very nice! :)
So... Did u meet the dean...?
No, we are jus going...
Hmmm then... When r u starting for US?
Jan 15th (i dont remember the date properly!)

and then we were talking abt the cost of the trip, our plans for higher education n all...

She then said, "Sorry, i haven't brought my slam book!"
I replied, "Hmmm we'll surely do it later :)"

Some seconds later...

She said, "Hey enakku nee mail panriyaa?"
I : "kandippaa! I'l surely do :)"
"Ok, enakku time aachu.. i'l leave?"
"OK! Paappom. Take care! All the best! Tata! (waving my hand) :)"
"Cya! All the best to u too!"

And this was the best part:
I : "sam3011 :)"
She : "vrraghy :)"
Again, i waved my hand smiling n she was leaving thru the other entrance of the canteen... :)
I thought she'd jus smile for that. I didn expect that reply. And the smile increased exponentially!

All these words within 4 to 5 mins and this short period was really lovely and extremely close to my heart! :)

Its nice to see people smile...! :) Especially dear ones! :)


Rukmani said…
Oops I commented on the previous post. Again, I really appreciate everything you've been. And the feeling is mutual. :)
vrraghy said…
"Parting never belongs to sorrow. It makes you realize and cherish what you had, every single moment of it."
- Well said. I can feel it...! :(

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