Valentine's Die.

Ever since I made my first proposal, I've always been a loser. Faced a denial on my first. Also with the second. And with the third too.

Wait. There was no third ! Now I remember. That's when I mentally woke up, telling myself this simple thing, "Dude, you aren't worth her !" One of my friends tried to console me otherwise, but those didn't matter much, for all that remained then was only pain. Just pain & nothing else. Dramatic, eh ? No ? #Ok.

Anyway, to my knowledge *limited, of course !*, this is what happens with many guys. Most I'd say. To put it short, one can use the tagline of the popular rom-com, VTV's mom, 500 Days of Summer.
Like this.

This is not a love story. This is a story about love.

Or this one, preferably.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't.

See? Simple, no? Yes. It's bound to look simple. But it mostly isn't. Life is a vicious circle. The single guys appear to be tied to it's centre, with a rope of length, a unit lesser than the radius, trying to attain the girls who lie right there on the circle. The more they try to get off the rope, the more it pains, and yes, girls, by default are sadists. At least in this case. No girl accepts a proposal at the first time, despite the boy doing it for the 10th time. *despite being the same girl* Something seriously kolaveric must be embedded onto their genes, I say.

Tchah ! To narrate the pain of all average-looking, average-scoring, average-class boys, one should invest some more time in framing a series of lengthy dialogues with as much statistics as possible and make Vijayakanth utter those, with a camera revolving on the same circle. Since that would cost too much, and Vijayakanth being this angry *young* man, let's not do that.

So, where was I? Yeah, this whole proposal-denial circle. You know what ?
Love is a vicious circle. A black hole.
So long as you don't encounter one, you'd actually long to. But the very moment you do, you'll be sucked in like a speck of dust by the sheer beauty & elegance of it. Once in, life seems to be in bliss for a few moments, and the light & clarity get out of sight, and darkness shadows everything out.

And poof ! You're lost forever in a movie that makes no sense. *like Pokkiri, for instance* Even if you'd want to jump off, you can't. If you still succeed in doing so, well, you would just land right into another. So, it's pretty much like a deceit. Deception.
A trap ! *remember? Maya Chaya - Chaya Maya*

And these luring poetry, you see; pretty jobless, I'd say; didn't mean to offend though. But yeah, a girl is seriously overrated when it comes to poetry. Moon and Lotus themselves would for sure agree on this. Seriously, in a world that'd prefer being confined to 140 chars, shouldn't the descriptions be something like these?

Thou shalt look at @cool_gal 's eyes or continue staring at her wallpaper #youprefer -> @twit_poet

Dare to think beyond a red rose ! #EpicFail - seriously, @neogyne

if only u say yes, i'll come 2 ur house, talk 2 ur parents & u'll be my life more than my own #MotherPromise. urs faithfully @ManiIyerJunior

@noidanerd dude! it's gettin late 4 d movie. or shud i go wit @delhiboy ? waiting, @bombaybabe

சிரித்தாலும் செருப்பெடுத்தாலும் நீயே என் சிந்தனை. செய்யாதே நிந்தனை. போகச்சொல் உன் அப்பனை.  கனிந்து பார் இக் கந்தனை. என்றும் உந்தன் @Tamil_MA

Okay, all these are fine. Just compare. A single guy might often whine abt his lack of someone in the opposite gender, and that's the maximum he might probably do. But think of the committed ones. They would probably have to be worried so much more.
  • Waking his girlfriend up @ early morning 8.
  • Ask her if her puppy got it's manicure done. If not, scold her with care, go to her place and get it done right away.
  • Be prepared to greet her everyday with, "How do you look so beautiful today?", failing which his msg Inbox would be full, asking him if he hates her.
  • Not raise his voice beyond 30 dB, no matter what the reason of abuse be.
As one of the greatest minds in the history of Science, Dr. Sheldon Cooper once suggested...
"Given that St. Valentine was a 3rd century Roman Priest who was stoned and beheaded, wouldn't a more appropriate celebration of the evening be taking one's steady gal to witness a brutal murder?"
Such is the mystery & stupidity of life, I tell ya !

Death's painful. But blissful too. So is Love. So, Happy Valentine's Die !

P.S: The author reserves his right to deny an answer for any question regarding the first line of this post.


Kaber Vasuki said…
Ha ha. Quite a few laughs in there dude. xD
Kaber, thanks ! Means a lot :)
Anand said…
He he.. Beautifully written! Love that Vicious circle- single guy - rope shorter than radius thing.. I wud rate this kind of a metaphor as more experiential than imaginative. Wat say? ;)
thanq ! and... they're very much metaphorical. but yeah, not much of experience though :)
davaraTumbler said…
I can't seem to understand your problem.
Is it that you say you were turned down thrice?
Or is it that other guys who had a fair bit more luck than are happy (and kottifying your vayathu-yerrichal)?
Love is painful + blissful? Bleagh. You are one hell of a soppy romantic if you ask me.
-i myself dont understand my problem; if i had, i'd not be ranting here :|
-no, only twice. as said, didn't even attempt the 3rd.
-yes. that too. more than anything !
-"romantic"-may be a little bit, yeah. "soppy"-kinda yes too. very much !

finally, thanx for ur time ! :)
davaraTumbler said…
And another one bites the dust.
Neha said…
So, is this the article which reminded you of my comment? :O
Anyways, coming back to the post, I don't understand why most of the single men and women are whining over this valentine day. And let me tell you the case is not very different from a women's perspective. Half of them are not happy with their current boyfriend or are not happy with their past relationships that they are waiting for some miracle to happen and for God to send them a Saint kinda guy may be like Saint Valentine..which for sure is not gonna happen.
Half of my friends are single and ready to mingle (including both genders), still very few of them will get into relationships by the next valentine..I never understood why...
yeah, if only i had understood, this post'd never've existed ! :|
Varun said…
Nice writing da machi! :D

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