People are good at hurting.
I'm good at getting hurt.

People are good at making friends.
I'm good at losing the existing ones.

People are good at enjoying.
I'm good at crying for not.

People are good at achieving.
I'm good at not using my little skills.

People are good at sharing their feelings.
I'm good at searching for people to share with.

And finally...
     People are good at understanding.
     I'm good at misunderstanding.

     All the above...

Many share many with many.
I share everything with few.

Many are almost self-centered.
Me too..! At the center of my "few".

Many have imperfect completions.
I have only some perfect incompletions.

Reason for writing all these:
It's not about
     what happened to me.
It's ALL about
     who made it happen to me.

The ONE...
     The one i like(d)...
     The one i love(d)...
     The one among my "few"...

But not anymore...!

"few" has become "fewer"...! :(


Rukmani said…
this is a really nice poem!

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