Shame on "SHAME"

An incident, a very recent incident made me feel much about my friends & sisters. I can't keep a watch on all my beloved people and protect them and ensure their safety. My sister's words made me almost cry inside.

I just ask one question. "WHY???" Why the hell are women abused? Because they are considered "weaker sex"...? In fact, men are the weaker sex... No men is born or fed without a woman. The very first word from a child's mouth & the cry of a dying man is of a woman. Whomever it may be. At any point of life, a woman fills the void. So why abuse them...?

To all who derive pleasure on making a woman suffer:
"What if your own sister/mother/wife is molested in front of you ? Would you repent for the mistakes you had done earlier and stop doing such things...?"
I think "NO!". You would still continue the stupidity earning accumulating curses from all those victims.

One thing is sure! There are lots of paedophiliacs & philanderers wandering all over this world. I'm seriously worried about saving all my people from the eyes of such crooked eagles looking for flesh. I'd rather say cannibals are better. Because they look for human flesh in order to satisfy their stomach.

But we all know: Desire keeps burning. So does the no. of victims. :(


siddharth said…
All that we can do is mould young minds by instilliing in them the importance of respecting others and relying on their inner voice/conscience for guidance in such matters....

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