#KLTA - Killed to death.

Yeah, this is about Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiyaa a.k.a KLTA, a  Tamil movie released recently. And having watched it, I'm just glad that I'm alive yet.

I'm a not-so-movie-buff, and I do catch up with movies whenever possible. And I don't do on any of them anything by the name of a "review", for I know very well that I'm not fit to do so. So what's this post about? I don't call this a post, but just a rant, a short rant. I just couldn't resist putting these down.

Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiyaa - the title is one of the 2 best things about the movie; the other being Santhanam. He plays the role of a guy named KK, and he just steals the show with his well-penned & well-placed lines, but that's about it. Right from the introduction scene of the fresh face Sethu who plays Shiva and does it well without exaggeration, mostly, everything is loud, louder & louder than required. In the name of comedy, nothing is served, but everything is thrown at the audience, who seem to cheer out of the money they had just paid.

When it comes to the songs, it's best to follow the Tamil tradition and leave the screen, for the music could be heard well in the restrooms and the visuals - best avoided. There are 2 main problems with the songs - necessity & glamour, in that order. Just a second into every song, one would wonder, why there's one at all. Not once, not twice, but every damn time. And I say this with all my conscience - once I even feared that there would be another song, but the universe & the director were kind enough to not to have one. The "glamour quotient" seems to be heavily misunderstood, for most of the directors painstakingly twist their stories / screenplays just to fit an "item song", which would just be a yet-another-totally-unnecessary-song-with-a-scantily-dressed-lady-shaking-herself-to-a-peppy-tune. The moment this legendary song gets over, everybody would be back to their normal lives playing their part in the screenplay, more seriously than ever, until the next one. While one of the songs would be so, there would be another similar one, where the heroine, Vishaka in this case, would do the role of that-lady, thus saving some pain for the director & producer to find another face, and feed the crowd with some flesh - which, by the way, would hardly fit into her character. One can only heave a sigh of relief when such things are over, while some might feel sorry for the flesh-show being gone.

Powerstar Dr. Srinivasan - Finally! After all the hype of his "movies" & "fans", to watch him in a real movie was such a pleasure. Sorry. Pressure. Throughout the movie, Santhanam keeps pwning him and that's another best thing that could happen to the movie as well as Santhanam. And he does it so well that there's not even a percentage of you that would feel sorry for Srinivasan, for every one of those things is totally understandable, and maybe you wanted to say that yourself. Maybe we should all thank Santhanam for being in our shoes and delivering those brilliant punches on Srinivasan. These apart, there's nothing much to it, and every action of Srinivasan mostly gave me a headache worse than the one I get when my sinusitis expresses. Bluntly put, it was better tolerating him on TV with all the false hype, than watching him on a big screen for real.

It's nearly impossible to not to note that this is distorted photocopy of one of K. Bhagyaraj's yesteryear awesome hits Indru Poi Naalai Vaa, done way back in 1981. Right from Bhagyaraj's performance to the legendary 'Raghuthaatha' [by which name goes a super-talented person on Twitter @raghuthaatha ], KLTA just doesn't stand a chance in comparison.

Thanks to a tweet, I could get a playlist of a few videos from the original. And yes, the 7th one is my favorite.

Btw, Dr. Srinivasan is going to be on Shankar's "I", it seems.



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