Lingery Longery Love

Her cheeks glow in the Sun.
Her eyes twinkle at the Moon.
Her hair curls over her ears.
My heart plunges in hers.

Her fingers linger in my mind.
Her toes can still be heard within.
Her anklets refuse to leave me alone.
My palms long to join hers.

My heartbeat synchronizes with hers.
My thoughts try catching up with hers.
My feet keep slowing down for hers.
She looks up & smiles at me.

"How are you?", I ask.
"How does it matter?" She says.
"For I'm the one who's yours forever", I reply.
She hides herself in a blush.

I hold her shoulders tight.
Her eyes fixed on my sight.
We search in each other for Love.
Unknowing of our destinies.

She waits for me to speak.
Just like many do.
She acts as if she's stunned.
I knew I was in her.

A gentle kiss on my cheeks.
I feel bad for not being the first.
She hugs me tight and says,
"I knew you couldn't stay long!"

She finally falls into me.
We hit on the bed of a cloud.
The Sun comes up wishing us both.
And there ends my story of love! :(


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